21st Century Cartoon Chase 21st Century Cartoon Chase
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21st Century Cartoon Chase

This is a fairly amusing promo for Cartoon Network Latin America. It was accepted into this year’s Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Directors: Daniel Xavier and Manoela Muraro
Production studio: Soapbox Studios
Post-production: Magick Lantern.

And here is a behind-the-scenes video showing digital post work by Magick Lantern’s Adam Plouff and Jesenko Fazlagic.

  • Oh, those poor Latin Americans! Don’t they get to watch “Saved By The Bell?”

  • Jay Pennington

    That’s neat!

    Minus a tenth of a point for putting a LIVE super on it. A little irresponsible to make it look THAT much like real news coverage. Probably an FCC rule against that.

  • Zee

    I LOVE IT! It brings my childhood favorites, Tom & Jerry, right into the modern world. Now lets see Sponge Bob pop a cap in someone’s ass.

    But seriously, I do really like it. I predicted a cartoon character was going to emerge from the vehicle. I was still surprised that it was Tom & Jerry. I like the squash and stretch on Tom as he runs out, instantly showing the viewer it’s a cartoon character.

  • It’s a cute idea, it’s shame it looks so horrible.

  • Cartoon Network show cartoons that are older than 10 years still?

  • I think this was rather fun. Don’t nay say just because it’s Cartoon Network.

  • Relevent

    I liked the idea, but I think the VO was a bit flat.

  • That’s actually quite funny!

  • teehee. that was CA-YUUUUUTE!!

  • Christopher Cook

    I should point out that WZGC, the station noted in the upper right, is a radio station in Atlanta (92.9 FM).

    Personally, I like Boomerang’s tag line for the opening of their Tom and Jerry show: “With Tom and Jerry, it’s true that actions speak louder than words. For the record, we prefer the action.”

  • jennz

    this is for latin america, such atlanta radio station or the live news sign mean nothing there and you can see its a joke and nothing like a real tv car chase, plus this is to air on cartoon network and there are no car chases on that channel. or any other really. car chases are an american thing. dummies!