A New Era of Animated Political Ads A New Era of Animated Political Ads

A New Era of Animated Political Ads

Last weekend’s New York Times discussed a new trend in political ads in which politicians are depicted as grotesque animated caricatures. Two examples they cited are ads that attack Meg Whitman and Barbara Boxer, which I’ve posted below. These would be wonderful if they were made by citizens fed up with the shenanigans of the political elite, but unfortunately, they’re made by special interests groups who are as nasty and agenda-driven as the people they’re lampooning.

(Thanks, Celia Bullwinkel)

  • not campaign ads, but sorta related to the topic, here is some animation of US statesmen caricatures done to select audio excerpts from their actual speeches:

  • Chris Webb

    It is probably best if we don’t discuss politics here.

    A trend in American politics is for very rich business people to run for office thinking America should be run like a business. The USA is a country, not a business.

    Sorry – had to get that off my chest.

  • Karim

    Chris Webb > Well, not only the USA, but its unfortunately a worldwide reality… company driven countries or straight capitalism… this is not politics, just common sense in a f*up world.

    Also, politics and political topics aren’t the same thing, sounds like it’s a banned word in that Wonderland called “Movie Industry”, the problem is when it gets personal and people start trashing others for taking a stand.

    Social prohibition shouldn’t be among cartoonists.

  • That Barbara Boxer ad is seven minutes long??

  • MattSullivan

    OK. Am I the only one bothered that political ads are so cartoonish ( and I don’t mean the graphic style )

    I mean my God. These are so nasty they make me want to vote for both these women out of SPITE. They also must assume we’re all dumb as bricks. This beyond criticism. It’s flat out war.

    Stick to the issues. Quit trying to paint people as cartoonish villains.

  • Paul N

    Matt, we prove to them we’re dumb as bricks over and over again by buying their partisan nonsense. Reality is these ads wouldn’t exist if they weren’t effective.

  • john

    Free speech people. You may not like the content or the intent but someone wanted to put this animation up on the site because it’s good. Get over the politics. Life is too short to be bothered by it.