“A Shot In The Dark” (1964) trailer “A Shot In The Dark” (1964) trailer

“A Shot In The Dark” (1964) trailer

TCM also ran this trailer last night which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. (If I have I’m getting old and have completely blocked it.) It’s a clever coming-attractions piece for the Blake Edwards Pink Panther sequel, A Shot In the Dark (1964). It’s notable for containing a fair amount of animation featuring a narrator, “Dum-Dum” a talking bullet, voiced by Mel Blanc. It was no doubt animated by DePatie Freleng.

  • Brandon Pierce

    I think it’s interesting that the animation quality in the trailer is better than the actual titles.

    If anyone has the trailers to “Inspector Clouseau” and “Return of the Pink Panther”, I’d like to see them!

  • To think Mel Blanc would say ‘sex’ and ‘nudist’. Raunchier than Snafu.

  • Gorgilla

    Just noticed the co-screenwriter is also the author of the Exorcist.

  • Steve Menke

    Hmmm, that sort of Frenchesque accent would’ve also been Paul Frees’ turf (as in this animated trailer for “Irma La Douce”):

  • Mike Fontanelli

    The TCM Hal Roach marathon was a revelation (and continues to be; it’s not over yet.) Especially since very few of the films they’ve shown are currently available on DVD in America. (Inexcusable, especially in the case of Laurel & Hardy and the silent Our Gangs. I had to go to Amazon UK just to get the restored L&H talkies – and also order a region-free DVD player. It was worth it, though…)

    A big thanks to Steve Menke for posting that great 1963 Irma La Douce trailer. Although a big Billy Wilder fan (as well as Lemmon and MacLaine), I’d never seen it before.

    • Jorge Garrido

      Irma La Douce is one of the most disappointing films I’ve ever seen. Even “Kiss Me, Stupid” was better!

    • Steve Menke

      You’re welcome, Mike — I first saw it as a (probably the only) supplement on MGM’s DVD. Its version includes an optional “This picture is for adults only” tag at the end.

  • More movie trailers should be like that.

  • Lewie

    This is the only Clouseau film not to feature the Pink Panther right?

    • Brandon Pierce

      Of the official ones, yes. He also wasn’t used in the titles for “Inspector Clouseau”.

  • Robert Schaad

    Wow–I’d never seen this, thanks!

  • Michel Van

    its delightful
    sadly now a lost art of making good Trailer

  • M.P.

    Interesting trailer. I saw it a long time ago somewhere. Mel Blanc is great here. His drunk voice is almost as same as the one he did in “Pickled Pink”. The titles were probably designed by Art Leonardi. The animators at that time at DFE were Norman McCabe, Don Williams and Bob Matz. Does anyone know who was the director? Friz Freleng?

    • Hawley Pratt directed the opening title for the original “Pink Panther” movie. DFE designed the title for “A Shot in the Dark” but the animation was done in UK under the direction of George Dunning. The opening for “Inspector Clouseau” was, again, designed by DFE (even using the Clouseau design used in the “Inspector” series) but the animation was done in UK. Art Leonardi directed the “Revenge of the Pink Panther” opening title.

      As for the animation in this trailer, it LOOKS like it was directed by Gerry Chiniquy but don’t quote me on that.

  • Iain

    Notice the credit of William Peter Blatty as co-screenwriter.

    What exactly did Pazuzu do to his mind after he worked on this movie?

  • V.E.G.

    David Hudson DePatie was born on 24th of December in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred twenty-nine.