<em>Aides Graffiti</em> by Yoann Lemoine <em>Aides Graffiti</em> by Yoann Lemoine

Aides Graffiti by Yoann Lemoine

As long as we are being XXX rated today, here’s an ad promoting safe sex by animator Yoann Lemoine. It’s cleverly conceived, funny and definitely NSFW:

Here’s a much safer piece by Lemoine, a beautiful spot for France’s TiJi children’s cable channel:

(Thanks, Carlo Guillot)

  • Donald C.

    Well…that was certainly…hmm.

  • Mike Caracappa

    Great acting of the penis down on his luck.

    It must be Friday on Cartoon Brew.

  • XAV

    In fact Yohan is the director, most of the animation has been made been by Yves Bigerel (aka Balak) and the designs by Barth Maunoury.

    Yves: http://boubize.blogspot.com/
    Barth: http://yearinmerde.blogspot.com/

  • Julian Carter

    That’s the cutest penis ever.

    Incredibly clever and imaginative. And I also like music!

  • The balloonfilm is very sweet! thx!

  • m|3

    Great Ad. Who knew the male ‘member’ could show such a range of emotion?!

  • I rather liked both of them for waaaaay different reasons. Great fun, and yeah, the acting on the penis is absolutely great.

  • Lippy

    I can’t stop watching!
    Best penis animation since “Everady Hardon”!

  • I like them both!

  • Ben

    I literally just saw the first animation on another site. Definitely the most expressive penis animation I’ve ever seen! I’m also getting extreme deja vu on the balloon one. I must have seen it last year somewhere…

  • Nancy Beiman

    Funny! and very French.

  • They were both great!

  • Now that’s what I call an effective ad for condom use. Makes me want to rush out today and stock up . — Mykal

  • The penis is a natural clown. I’m amazed it took this long for someone to capture that.

  • Y’know, I never thought I’d be using the words “cute” and “smut” in the same sentence, but here we go:

    Cute Smut!!:-)

  • timmyelliot

    I opened cartoonbrew at work. Didn’t play the video, but the dick image was visible. That was embarassing.

  • the penis animation was pretty incredible. was that digital or dry erase?