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It’s rare to find a studio whose work truly excites like that of Amautalab, a young outfit based out of LA, Buenos Aires and Lima, and headed by Carlos Battilana, Martin Jalfen and Julian Montesano. They’re employing a wide range of animation techniques, and across the board their work has an incredibly fresh and funky aesthetic. A few of my favorite pieces: this stop-motion spot for Tokyo.Now about how Japan remade its image following WWII, super-lo-fi music vid for Anne Laplantine and a tripped-out CG/live combo for Resfest: Buenos Aires. Their stop-mo website is a good bit of fun as well.

(via Motion Design blog)

  • The Gagaman

    Now that’s a web site design to be proud of. Fun to explore, it is.

  • Zekey

    Wow, they really make some beautiful stuff. I loved that music vid. Such simple yet clever puppetry.