Amp XGames by Three Legged Legs

Amp XGames by Three Legged Legs

The young Santa Monica animation studio Three Legged Legs continues to impress with each new project they turn out. Reza Rasoli, one of the principals in the studio, wrote to give me a heads up on their latest campaign, “XGames” for Amp energy drink. The three Amp feature the most extensive traditional character animation that they’ve produced to date. They’ve also posted an excellent case study that showcases the artistic talent and concept artwork behind the Amp spots.

  • Chuck R.

    Seeing those three spots back to back gave me an instant “Dragon’s Lair” moment. That’s not a bad thing.

  • Dagan

    Wow, i’m loving this stuff! Full of energy, very dynamic, and i really dig the timing… It’s very fast-paced business, but it really works for what it’s advertising!

    It looks like they had fun doing this stuff… great work! :)

  • Kali Fontecchio

    They are very nice guys- I know them personally, they graduated here at Otis a year or so ago. Some of my fellow seniors worked on this project too as interns. Casey (one of the founders) also has created some strange game that “bonds” his crew, haha…