Animated Trailer for “Looper” by Noah Fisher and Zachary Johnson Animated Trailer for “Looper” by Noah Fisher and Zachary Johnson

Animated Trailer for “Looper” by Noah Fisher and Zachary Johnson

An excellent piece of motion picture promotion, created by animator Noah Fisher and artist Zachary Johnson, for the upcoming Bruce Willis/Joseph Gordon-Levitt sci-fi action adventurer Looper:

  • Drew

    What kind of animation is this? Looks painted. I’m guessing someone painted the panels and another person animated it?

  • Sotiris

    Painted? Yes. But animated? Not so sure. Is rotoscoping considered animation?

  • Mr. James

    Not sure WHY this was created? Was someone paid to create this? Seems like a waste of budget when it shows nothing of the film or why I should care to go see it. I’m not saying the imagery isn’t interesting and visually beautiful on a lot of levels, I’m just questioning the purpose of the piece and why it was created in conjuncture with the film’s marketing?

    • Justin

      The guy that painted it, Zach Johnson, is the director’s cousin. He’s painted posters for each of his movies, and I would guess that maybe he did this because he could. And maybe his cousin had a bit of the budget leftover to throw his way.

  • Mike

    This reminds me of last year’s Wild Life, though where that film used hand-painted frames to create a unique aesthetic that worked for the story, this one feels rather arbitrary.

  • While, I am not really sure I would consider this to be “real animation;” I would love to see the entire movie done this way. I thought the techniques used on Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly helped them immensely and I would like to see a version of Looper that was done in this style. It wouldn’t be a success in theaters; but I still want it.

  • Taylor

    Not generally a fan of rotoscope work, but I’m a sucker for anything done by hand, especially with paint and ink work like this. Blows away all those shiny vector works.

    As far as the debate goes, here’s a be-all-end-all statement…..Animation is the illusion of movement. This is an Animation. However, rotoscope work isn’t Animated, despite resulting in an Animation. To Animate, would be to give life to. Film/Video footage already has life/motion, so we aren’t GIVING anything in that regard. We’re simply shifting the life from one state to another.