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Stop Motion

Ann Arbor Film Fest Opening by Michael Langan

Ann Arbor Opening by Michael Langan

Michael Langan, whose short film Doxology holds the distinction of being the first episode of Cartoon Brew TV, created this striking signal film for the Ann Arbor Film Festival which opens tomorrow. He also made an informative making of video that shows the labor-intensiveness of stop-motion.

  • Wow, looks great Michael!

  • that’s what i’m talking about!

  • This is beautiful. Nice job, Mike!

  • I would attend a whole film festival that only screened Michael Langan’s films.

  • I’ve seen this at the Burton Theatre in Detroit before movies the last couple weeks.

    It’s gorgeous! It hits all the right spots for me. I’m incredibly envious of Mr. Langan’s ability.

    Well done.

  • I love Langan’s work. It’s not an easy thing to continually create such interesting visual work.
    Just a heads up, the students (and some faculty) at the College for Creative Studies made a bunch of sponsor bumpers, 5 of which were selected to be used at the festival but all were pretty fantastic. We’re waiting till after the festival to put them online if you might be interested.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    A film fest I could easily get to if I had the money and time. Had a dream of getting a film up there someday.