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Australia’s Rubber House Produces 8 Adult Swim Promos


Australian animation studio Rubber House has completed a series of bumpers and idents Adult Swim. The eight pieces, which range from ten seconds to over a minute, are currently airing on the channel, and will also be posted on Rubber House’s Tumblr throughout this week.

“Seriously the best project we’ve ever been involved in,” say the boys at Rubber House, Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon. “We were asked to go nuts…no restrictions on style or subject.” Unlike their previous projects, Sharp and Dixon directed the Adult Swim pieces separately—Sharp out of Sydney and Dixon working from Melbourne.

The pieces were produced over the course of two-and-a-half months. Rubber House said that they “took the opportunity to bring in some big-talent who we’ve been wanting to work with for a while”: Charles Huettner (US), Vincent Tsui (France), and Australians Andrew Onorato, Hannah Murdoch, Courtney Hopkinson, and Nikhil Markale.

Written, designed, animated by Greg Sharp
Additional animation by Vincent Tsui and Nikhil Markale
Additional clean-up by Hannah Murdoch
Sound design by James Brown & Adult Swim

Written, designed, animated by Greg Sharp for Rubber House
Sound design by James Brown & Adult Swim

Written, designed, animated by Ivan Dixon
3D models by Courtney Hopkinson
Voice: Isy Suttie & Ivan Dixon
Music & Sound by Adult Swim
  • Greg Sharp

    Hooray! Thanks Amid. I’ll leave your bribe in the usual place under the bushes on the corner :)

    • martin

      Yo, are you guys still working on “old feed”? a lot of ppl would like to see more of that.

      fan of your work.

      • Greg Sharp

        Hey Martin, here’s the dirty on Old Feed. Back in 2003 I was working at Weta in NZ, and I wrote the script, and then had a stroke, and took a few years off in Eastern Europe to recover, and taught myself to animate in 2D by animating a few shots from the Old Feed script and editing them into a trailer in 2008.
        But then after 2009 I started Rubber House with Ivan in Australia and haven’t looked back – Old Feed is some hardcore work; oil painted BG’s, and TVpaint full-animation and all that – it’s been split into 6 parts and I’ll work on them bit by bit and release them one by one…but no promises! Ha ha cheerio

        • martin

          sweet, thanks!

  • Tim Rauch

    Rubber House is a consistently inspiring studio. Great to see them unleashed for these spots!

  • Ant G

    The Australian animation community is gonna be huge. So many talents from there that are just making their mark and their potential is evident. Love the chess one the most.

  • Benjamin Arcand

    Bravo Rubber House. Awesome stuff (as always)!