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Banksy invades Hollywood

Street artist Banksy, who has a documentary nominated for an Academy Award, has invaded Hollywood with a new series of graffiti (above and below) in a possible effort to garner votes for his film. The billboard (above) is on Sunset Boulevard and Laurel Canyon.

(Thanks, Dave Stone via Wooster Collective and Laughing Squid)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “Look out Hollywood, here comes BANKSY!”

  • Abel

    who cares,it’s my birthday beaches.

    • ZOMG ME TOO lets partay, kids.

      Also, I wouldn’t have believed the Mickey Mouse one was his had I not just seen it on his website. It feels a little…sloppy for Banksy. Love the Charlie Brown one however. Say what you will about “vandals” on here, but I believe if it wasn’t for a few rule-breakers this world would be tragically dull.

      • Ryoku90

        Without rule breakers we’d still get around with horses and carriages.

      • TsimoneTseTse

        …and have empty prisons

        Just think about how tragically boring this world would be without rule-breakers/artists, like..uh Manson & Hitler

      • Hitler made the rules. If there were more rule breakers in Germany at the time, things might have turned out differently.

  • Abel

    Seriously, Exit Through The Gift Shop is awe.some

  • Jav

    I don’t know how I feel about this. I like banksy’s stuff but each time I see more of him, it disappoints me alittle. The more main stream he becomes, the less I take from his tags.

    • Evan

      Is it Bansky’s fault that he’s becoming mainstream?

  • Uli Meyer

    He’s got to make a living too. I like the pyromaniac Charlie Brown…

  • Joe M.

    “Street Artist”???? How about Vandal? Bansky?… What a tool.

    • Klyph

      Debbie Downer.

    • Joe M

      Just saw that bilboard was removed by CBS. HA!

  • Norm

    Banksy should paint Sparky Schulz arising from the dead to sue.

  • Karen

    Great–another hack artist destroying public property with lameness.

    • CBS billboard… public properly?

      • Mark

        Worse yet–this idiot is destroying PRIVATE property. We’ll see what folks think when he starts spray painting your car.

      • Amandah

        No one asked to be visually assaulted by CBS’s advertisement. This is visual liberation. Also, that other building is completely abandoned. If anything, he’s drawing attention to the building’s non-use.

    • Klyph

      Yeah! How dare he destroy a decaying brown wall with something fun and entertaining to look at! And here in LA there’s almost zero billboards full of artistic sex and violence themed advertising on every intersection for me to enjoy. How could he DESTROY one of the precious few we have? What a hack.

      • Karl Hungus

        Just my opinion here, but why on earth are all of the billboards plugged into our strained power grid? The lighting of public billboards should be powered by solar panels installed along the top edge of those billboards. Do you know how much energy a high pressure sodium lamp uses? Its a waste of resources whether or not companies pay for that energy.

        Deface all of them Banksy. They don’t provide a damn thing to anybody.

    • Ryoku90

      By that logic all it’d take to destroy a car is some mud on the side.

  • He is to street art, what Fox News is to jornalism.

    • Scarabim

      I watch and like Fox News.

      And it’s spelled “journalism”.

      • Mark

        Liking it, and believeing it are 2 different things. fox is an entertainment channel–not Journalism.

  • Kyle

    How would he accept the Oscar, in a ski mask? 14 minutes and counting, Banksy.

    • Java Junkie

      14 mins? He’s been famous for almost a decade.

  • I love the guy’s work but I cannot believe he hasn’t been unmasked yet.

  • Isn’t this illegal?

    …Or did he get permission?

    • All his work is illegal, that’s why he’s never revealed his identity. He’d be fined out the wazooooo

  • Scarabim

    Is there anything really clever about taking icons of innocence and making them act out of character?

    Can this guy come up with any image of his own, or does he just desecrate the images of others?

    So far, Banksy’s stuff reminds me of those knock-off auto decals of Calvin peeing on the Chevy logo. Not impressed.

    • Klyph
    • Icons are a valid target for satire. Perhaps the best.

      Or maybe we should treat Mickey Mouse as a sacred image, the way certain religions treat their deities. So when a cartoonist in Denmark gets his life threatened for his blasphemy, which side do we take?

      • Not to mention the fact that Disney has been desecrating their own characters for decades by presenting them “out of character” on all manner of merchandise (and street apparel!).
        ignoring the fact that Banksy’s also done a hefty amount of original pieces, his derivative works aren’t so much character theft as character criticism, or farce. If he was to stencil an image of Brad Pitt nobody would claim plagiarism. He treats his cartoon subjects as he would living celebrities. He doesn’t just riffle through google images and print images out as-is.

    • Ryoku90

      Good point, people that like innocent characters doing despicable things would get a kick out of Deviantart.

  • Manny

    Banksy, the impersonation of the meme “Fuck Yeah” is doing grrreat!

  • Who/What says this is Banksy? This could be any other artist from LA. Because he made a movie about graffiti does not mean he’s the only street artist out there.

  • MichaelDair

    Maybe Disney should hire Banksy to design their new “Urban Fashion Line.”

  • Chelsea

    Yes, well done. It’s not like we’ve seen this done a thousand times before.

  • Well I guess he’s announcing that he IS here for the academy awards. I guess there was some speculation as to whether he will attend or not. I’m looking forward to seeing what prank he’ll attempt to pull off for the ceremony without getting caught…

  • anonymous shark

    disney should commission banksy to do the ‘urban’ clothes line

  • The billboard has already been taken down.

  • Charlie Judkins

    I think Banksy could use a few lessons from Preston Blair

  • Justin Delbert

    Dude, is this for real? He’s gonna get his you know what arrested .

  • Michael F.

    Great work! I’d love to see Exit Through the Gift Shop win for two reasons: It’s the best documentary I saw last year (although the Tillman Story came close) and I’d love to see two or three guys in gorilla masks accept the award and claim that they are all Banksy.

  • Thomas Hatch

    I hope it wins. I love Banksy

  • He is the Lady Gaga of street art. That is not necessarily a bad thing but let’s face it; this is all publicity and marketing.
    Nice art but it would be just as good and more production if he did not vandalize property in the process.

  • Oliver

    Yanks don’t love Banksy? Then stick to The Waltons you Geritol-addled has-beens.

    • Gtray64

      Actually, most Yanks probably don’t know who the hell Banksy is. Do Limeys know who Moondog is? Then go back to listening to Oasis.

  • Gtray64

    To give Banksy his proper due, his Charlie Brown is spot on, and as simple as it looks, Schulz’s style ain’t easy to get just right.
    To be fair, though, this IS vandalism, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it defacement.I appreciate the skills a number of tag artists have, but seriously, their work is generally destroyed within hours of its creation, which severely limits it’s impact (and be honest–the vast majority of taggers just write their own name all over the place). Banksy himself is better known for never having been caught and identified than for any specific work he’s done.
    Puts me in mind of an episode of Boondocks, where Riley displayed considerable artistic talent when he painted an image of his grandparents on their wedding day on the side of his house. Grandad openly cried, then took a picture, smacked Riley upside the head and told him to get to repainting the house, admonishing him “next time, use a damned piece of paper.”
    So I’m forced to wonder…is it the tagger’s desire that the world be made to look at their work?

  • i love how worked up you’re all getting about this. mission accomplished?

    • Exactly. This is what he wants, controversy about his work. The more people talk about him, the more famous he gets. All of the comments so far, bad and good, have only served to increase awareness about him.

      For the record, I’ve known of and admired the work of Banksy for about 15 years.

  • The Gee

    Probably the main reason why he tagged what he tagged and is publicizing it is because he is declaring where is is, or where he was.

    If the guy is super-secretive then it isn’t like TMZ is going to be waiting for him at airports and then showing it to whoever watches TMZ or checks out that site.

    So, just take it as a sign not unlike Kilroy was Here.

    The documentary is pretty good but I think I’ve written that on another thread some time back.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    Banksy rules, give the man his due! You all wish you had the capacity to gain a worldwide following and make a great living as an outsider artist. He’s just what Tinseltown needs to shake things up this smug pretentious city. GO BANKSY! lool

  • Toonio

    Yay! When is the “You are an arsonist Charlie Brown!” DVD coming out?

    • top cat james

      Your’e thinking of the ’83 special, “What Have We Burned, Charlie Brown?”.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Most billboards could be improved with the addition of graffiti. Except the ones with electronic displays. They’d be best improved by either burning them to the ground or patching in feeds of uncensored hentai anime.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      My city has been having those electronic billboards for the past few years now, and it seems like we’ve gotten use to their presence though when they were first installed there was concerns over many obstacles that had to be overcome, but I’d rather just having the standard pasted-up billboards myself.

  • Shatterdaddy

    Thank god for Banksy. Loved the Disneyland stunt!

  • Oliver

    Thank God for animation-and-graphic-arts-loving Americans who think they’re ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ and, like, ‘totally down with it’, spluttering into their cornflakes over Banksy like Armond White did over ‘Toy Story 3’.

    “Isn’t this illegal?” — oh boo hoo, what are you going to do, get Obama to ship him off to Guantanamo?

    • Ryoku

      Whats you deal? Geez. I don’t mind Banksys stuff though, give it to me any day over the usual fancy signatures that most graffiti artists make.

  • Anoniguy

    Banksy’s stuff is dull as dishwater. There are a thousand unknowns who make better work than he does on a daily basis.

    But none of them are world famous, so I guess he wins.

  • big bad balloon

    it’s not what he does, it’s how he does it. still, it’s a bunch of sh-tty unoriginal copies. can’t wait for this guy to get caught, beaten and sent to jail for bombarding his crap work on equally crappy billboards.

  • Ed
  • Remember Robbie Conal’s posters illegally plastered all over LA

  • skyman

    stodgy old codgers. Banksy is going down in history, you’re all going to get older and more pissed at brilliance you’ll never understand.

  • sarah

    Great post, I was temping in London last year and this reminds me of a graffiti artist we used for a commission, we needed to hire a graffiti artist for a short add video and hired the graffiti artist called “Buzzby” from called Urban AllStars. Great bunch of graffiti artists, WOW this sounds like a add lol, opps. Ok finish of, go and hire the graffiti guys their good. Sarah xxx