BBC Knowledge “Eat Up Brain” by Sean Pecknold

Sean Pecknold (aka Grandchildren) crafted this stylish and funny stop-mo spot for BBC Knowledge.

Narrator: Richard E. Grant
Producer: Aaron Ball
Production Company: Grandchildren
Animators: Britta Johnson, Sean Pecknold
Sets and Creatures: Matt Lifson, Britta Johnson, Sean Pecknold
Rotoscoping: Stefan Moore
Painter: Matt Lifson
Effects DP: Michael Ragen
Editorial and Compositing: Grandchildren
Colorist: Sam Atkinson, Lightpress
Sound Design and Mix: Justin Braegelmann

Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys
Executive Creative Director: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Noah Regan
Copywriter: Damian Fitzgerald
Art Director: Matt Heck
Agency Producers: John Ruggiero/ Thea Carone
Content Director: Dan Beaumont
Content Manager: Brad Firth

  • Kendall Robinson

    That was amazing, now I want to watch this channel! That’s great advertising for you. The art isn’t to shabby either.

  • Tony Mines

    That was cool.
    But pencils DO NOT have 57km of lead (or graphite) in them, unless I do about 30km of drawing a day
    I’m pretty sure I don’t

  • mickhyperion

    Kind of reminds me of the fast flying fact association style used in ABC’s Make a Wish in the early 70s.

  • jordan

    awesome! I just read this interview with him on Hook and Line Magazine’s blog.