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BBC2 Ident by Guilherme Marcondes

Guilherme Marcondes

I love this new channel ident for BBC2 directed by Guilherme Marcondes (of Tyger fame). I also love the behind-the-scenes photos that Guilherme posted on his Flickr. He writes about the spot:

This spot was one in a series of six (each directed by a different person) promoting some of the hosts of the most popular shows on BBC2. Bruce Parry presents some wild reality shows in the channel, like “Tribe” and “Amazon”. My job was too create a visual interpretation of Bruce’s own concerns about environment and life in a materialistic society.

We built the “ultimate exploitation machine”, powered by human beings, ravaging the land, sucking nature on one side and spitting consumer goods on the other. We placed the scene inside a mirror box to create a sense of boundlessness to the destructive process imposed by the machine.

Animation credits are:
Direction: Guilherme Marcondes
Production designers: Ryan Heck and Andy Byers
Design: Guilherme Marcondes and Douglas Alves
Animation and Compositing: Guilherme Marcondes
Additional Compositing: John Harrison

  • Ryan

    Strange, I live in the Land of the BBC (UK), and I’ve never seen this one. Like it though. My favourite will always be the one with the piano falling through the floor – used to be the one that signalled a Wallace & Gromit film was about to be shown.

  • I once had the chance to work with Guilherme in Sao Paulo for a National Geographic promo. We had just a brief contact but I clearly remember when finishing, compositing and grading the work how caring, picky and technical he was.
    I am absolutely proud at how far he has gone professionally. He deserves everything he’s achieved.

  • Franklin

    The link isn’t bringing up the ident, just a still image.