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Bert and Harry Piels Commercials

Some of the most influential and popular TV commercials of the 1950s were the Bert and Harry Piels Beer spots created by UPA (and later on animated by Terrytoons). Much of their popularity was due to the great dialogue tracks provided by Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding (aka Bob and Ray) and the appealing animation directed by Gene Deitch. If you’ve been wondering where you could see these, Asifa-Hollywood has just posted a whole slew of the early ones on their Animation Archive blog. Go there now!

  • Always noticed that the shorter Bob Elliot voiced the taller character
    while the taller Ray Goulding voiced the shorter character…I have seen
    old liquor stores that have fading Piel’s painted ads on the side walls
    (one was in Lynn MA)

  • LOVE Bob and Ray. Glad to be able to see a few more of these ads!