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Bizarre 1980s Japanese commercial with Tom & Jerry

Japanese refrigerator commercial with Tom & Jerry, talking beer cans and anthropomorphic vegetables. You can’t make this up folks.

(Thanks Malcom Thomas via the Cartoon Brew Facebook page)

  • Deaniac

    …AND Tom and Jerry are singing…in Japanese, no less…

    Yeah, I can’t make heads or tails with this.

  • Coerv

    I obey. Must buy refrigerator.

    Brilliant. I love it. I have to watch it over and over again.

  • Almost as bizarre as the 1980s Filmation cartoons.

    • The commercial’s not that bizarre. Hitachi’s basically advertising the space-saving features of its refrigerator.

      That said, this commercial is more endearing than any Tom and Jerry product of the 1980s – and 1990s, for that matter.

      • Well, yeah, that’s my point… the commercial is not quite THAT bizarre! :P And Tom and Jerry’s designs look more appealing and on-model here. Still, when it comes to the 1990s, I’d argue that several of the “Tom and Jerry Kids” episodes that I’ve seen were actually pretty enjoyable for what they were. Take away the kid element, and what you’ve got is basically Tom and Jerry acting like themselves. The animation wasn’t too bad either.

  • Thanks again for the post, Jerry. This really made my day.

  • uncle wayne

    hard to make out which’d be more edible!?

  • Was it this important in the 1980s that Tom and Jerry be wearing clothes EVERYWHERE, not just in America? And if they have to wear clothes, why did they put them in those maternity camp shirts?

  • so did anyone convert the price of the fridge to usd?
    it’s $2448. I checked it twice. What’s it made of Gold!
    garrard. Oh and tom and jerry are cool.

  • Tom and Jerry was extremely popular in Japan (and still is, to a lesser extent), so it’s no surprise they appeared in commercials and merchandising over there.

  • This one is funny too:

  • Thanks for the super happy fun times! I love Japanese commercials, they are so odd that you can’t help but love them. Although nothing will ever top Nicolas Cage’s ads for Sankyo pachinko machines or the Simpsons for CC Lemon.

    • Y’know American commercials are odd and looney too. Live outside the USA for a couple of years and return home and you’ll know what I mean.

      Not so much Tom and Jerry merchandising around Japan these days. You can get the complete collection on DVD at the five and dime store for 500 yen(About 6 bucks.)

    • Funkybat

      With such wonderfully weird and appealing puppet characters for the beer and food, Tom and Jerry are kind of superfluous in this ad. They could have just stuck with their freaky puppets and had a winner!

    • Polecat

      I’ve got to find those on YouTube!

  • That shot w/ the beer cans enthusiastically shaking/dancing needs to be an animated gif.

  • DonaldC

    Okay world.
    I’m done.
    You win.

  • joe

    The beer cans and vegetables remind me of Doraemon.

  • Phaeton99

    For a 1980s Japanese ad, this one seems pretty sane, actually.

    The T&J appearance is bit out of character —and redundant, what with the singing beer and veggies — but that aside, it’s actually rather whimsical and pleasant…. and coherent to gaijin eyes. \(^ _ -)m

  • AJ

    Wow, I thought the Wallace and gromit caramel adverts were odd

  • David Breneman

    I remember those 2 liter Sapporo kegs of beer from the 80s. They had a temperature-sensitive label on them that, when they got cold, said “TIME TO DRINK!”

    • Chris Sobieniak

      See, that’s what they should be telling you!

  • Looks perfectly normal to me. Perfectly. Normal.

  • How about Tiny Toons?

    Great use of TMS animation!