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“Break The Law of Silence” by CRCR

The latest spot, a powerful piece, from Paris based CRCR for Amnesty International. CRCR is an independant collective of artists including Remi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Nicolas Pegon and Jérémy Pires, Kevin Manach and Paul Lacolley (the same team as Les Chiens Isolés).

Client: Amnesty International
Agency: LaChose
Production: WizzProd
Direction/Animation: CRCR
Sound design: Kouz

(Thanks, Wesley Lewis)

  • Matt

    To me, this is everything commercial work should be. I’m in the middle of a trashy-ass gig for a project I could not possibly care less about, this video is inspiring. Love the use of photos as well, it’s not as jarring as it should be and feels really well integrated.

  • Justin

    Perfect. It didn’t really hit me till the end. But kept my watching the entire time. So well done.

  • Josh Bowman

    First animation I’ve seen in a while that actually has something worth communicating to the world

  • Someguy



  • Solid work.

  • Carla Veldman

    Really well-done, really effective.

  • Terrific drawings and layout, and very meaningful subject.
    Congratulations/Felicitation guys, I’ve been a fan since
    we all met at Gobelins this summer. Continued success!