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Can You Guess Who Made This Classic Car Ad?

This two-minute Chevrolet spot is a pretty epic bit of advertising, but you may be even more surprised to learn who made it. It’s this guy:

Eyvind Earle

The artist responsible for this:

Eyvind Earle

Around 1960, Eyvind Earle, the production designer of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, formed his own company Eyvind Earle Productions. The first spot he produced was this Chevrolet piece, which he made in two weeks. According to his autobiography Horizon Bound on a Bicycle, he was paid $16,000, which in today’s dollars would be around $122,000. That’s not bad for a one-man cut-out production, most of which was animated under camera.

(Eyvind Earle photo via Daveland)

  • uncle wayne

    That IZ a great wake-er upper!! I can actually SEE Dinah blowing her giant kisses as she sings it!!

  • That was a really cool Chevrolet commercial. I had no idea the artist for backgrounds in Sleeping Beauty did this.

  • DonaldC

    Sleeping Beauty has my favorite art direction.

  • Scott O’Brien

    This is brilliant. I wish I knew what exactly this was used for– like was it shown in Chevy showrooms on a loop or what?

    The music sounds like Mel Henke— There’s a similar version of this song on the CD release of “La Dolce Henke”.

    • dbenson

      I’m going to guess it was shown at drive-in theaters at intermission. Very easy to imagine that running between “Things go better with Coke” and “9 minutes to showtime”.

      • David Breneman

        I was going to say, it doesn’t look like anything done for television – there’s no “sell” as the ad men say. As a theatrical intermission piece it would be ideal.

  • Paul N

    Pretty clever how he worked his name into the first “Chevrolet.”

  • Toonio

    So pre sex revolution, a different time nonetheless.

  • EHH

    I saw that documentary of him on the Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray. Quite a talented guy.

  • OtherDan

    You had me guessing (before I looked down) I was thinking Kimball?….That’s impressive. I never knew he did direction or animation. Did he actually animate that?

    • amid

      My understanding is that it was a one-man show so he did everything on the visual side, including animation.

  • Said Omar E

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  • Brandon

    beautiful stuff!

  • E. L. Kelly

    And THAT, Modern-day Chevrolet, is how a highly suggestive ad is DONE!

  • Stephdumas

    Fantastic!:-D Thanks for sharing this info. :-)

    I wondered by curiosity if Cartoon Brew plan to do one article about the Plymouth commercials who featured Road Runner and Will E.Coyote? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfmTDj9ncvs&feature=related