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Cartier Releases “Winter Tale” Directed by Bibo Bergeron

This year, Christmas has turned into the season of feature film-quality animation spots. First, British retailer John Lewis released a this hand-drawn animated piece, and today French-founded/Swiss-owned jeweler Cartier countered with a mini-CG short called Winter Tale, set in 1920s Paris. A full credit list isn’t available yet, but we know that it was directed by Bibo Bergeron (A Monster in Paris, Shark Tale), produced by Stink Paris, and made at Pérols, France-based Dwarf Labs.

CREDITS (Dwarf Labs)
Director: Bibo Bergeron
Cinematographer: Olivier Pinol
Visual Effects Supervisor: Olivier Pinol
Supervisor (Modelling & Textures): Maximilien Legros-Auroy
Supervisor (Animation): Jean-Yves Audouard
Supervisor (Lighting): Joachim Guerin
Supervisor (Pipeline): Belisaire Earl
Supervisor (R&D): Cedric Paille
Supervisor (Production): Susie Wilson
Artistic Crew: Benedicte Aldeguerre, Gary Heteau, Camille Perdiguier, Gaetan Baldy, Mathieu Meynard, Yves Schuler “cht’Yves”, Francois Barreau, Jean Palenstijn, Dilen Shah, Matthieu Grospiron, Claude Pelet
Technical Crew: Michael Delaporte, Yann Vote, Jeremy Clement

  • I’ve got a feeling that France is going to be Hollywood’s biggest future competitor in making CGI animated films.

    • John Lane

      Last night I was remembering how funny the ‘Le Chateau’ short was from Gobleans (spelling) students. And, how could I forget ‘Burning Safari’. From hand drawn comics to CGI, France nurtures super talent.

  • George Comerci

    It’s been a good year for animated adverts :D

    • Funkybat

      It would be nice to see more American companies use animated ads. The only one I’m aware of is Chipotle’s Scarecrow one, and that seems to be confined to the web, not TV. When I occasionally let TV commercials play (rather than skip thru them with my DVR) I am endlessly amazed by how idiotic and base most of them are. There are a few clever ones (and some that are funny in a meta/Tim & Eric kind of way) but most are just dull or insults to my intelligence. The animated ads featured on The Brew recently have been a pleasure but also disappointing, knowing they are seemingly all overseas.