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Cartoon Network’s Summer Ident Was Created by Indie Animators

For this summer station ident, Cartoon Network hired various international animators and commercial studios to animate ten seconds’worth of their network’s characters. The animation was later stitched together into the 60-second piece you see above. The artists and studios that contributed were Alex Grigg (England), Eamonn O’Neill (England), Impactist (US), CRCR (France), Awesome Inc. (US), and Rubber House (Australia). It’s encouraging to see this kind of creative cross-pollination happening between the commercial mainstream and indie animation communities. It marks the second time in recent months that CN has collaborated with independent artists, the first being David OReilly’s episode of Adventure Time.

  • AmidAmidi

    Ivan – I only listed the names of the contributors, but nowhere did I imply screening order in the write-up. Thanks for adding that info. It’s good to know who did what.

    • Ivan Dixon

      Thanks Amid. I was aware that you didn’t state the order, but I thought it worth clarifying for everyone else.

  • Atish Tripathi

    Wow! This was amazing! I completely loved this. And thanks for mentioning the artists and studios who have worked on this. There is so much amazing animation being done all over the world.

  • Roberto Severino

    Maybe it’s also because they aren’t outsourcing the animation over to Korea, India, and China.

  • Dave_W

    What a treat!

  • GW

    Why not have a show made for indie animators to showcase their work? It could be the Merry Carousel of today. You could fit two indie animator’s shorts into the length of one episode. Is anybody else interested in this idea?

    • Sekele

      There was, it was called Problem Solverz