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Cat Shit, Too

Not to be confused with Cat Shit OneScoop Away Kitty Litter has been producing an animated series for their website. The Adventures of Clumpy and Crumbly: The Litterbox Clumps, directed by Eric Makila and Jamie Webster (as “Borthololmule Flores”) from Toronto’s Alchemy, is as cute as stop-mo cat litter can be. Here’s a sample:

(Thanks, Jeff McAndrew)

  • Hahaha, that was a long way to go to advertise kitty litter.

  • Iritscen

    This commercial changed my life.

    More seriously, I guess this means that anything can be advertised cutely and appealingly if you put your heart into it.

  • Gummo

    Um … no.

    Just no.

    I think I draw the line at “cute” animated lumps of congealed urine.

    • The Gee

      Well, if you put it *that* way….

  • FP

    So this is what the 2010 graduates are doing.

    • The Gee

      Well, if it isn’t what they are doing then it is what they should be doing.

      If they don’t take this golden opportunity it will be a shame. The new thinking outside of the box is hitting the target… in the box.

      For, obviously, this is opportunity numbers 1 and 2. Ignore the rest, for
      they aren’t the pick of the litter.
      No. This is The Future, my friends.

      When Cameron and Zemekis find out about it then and only then will it be fused and obvious that this is the New Reality. Only then will we all smell the success.

      Any recent animation grad should seize this moment now for if they do not… then
      they will miss these crowning achievements, they will never sit upon the throne and they will miss congeal-pee-ality.

      (it might work best if read as adam west….or, just skip to the next comment…)

  • that was awesome. inspired fun. that seem song was epically nostalgic. feel like I just got done watching ‘227’

  • Scarabim

    **More seriously, I guess this means that anything can be advertised cutely and appealingly if you put your heart into it.**

    Better your heart than what the cat puts into it. *rimshot*

  • Paul N

    Um… O.K….

  • The Gee

    hurmmmm…this isn’t the type of topic worth touching on a National Holiday, is it?

    In all seriousness, specialized ad campaigns like that should be much more common than they seem to be. Unfortunately, from what little I’ve seen and from what little I’ve read, many of them seem to skew towards the live action video side versus the animated video side. That’s kind of a bummer.

    And, I mean no disrespect in pointing this out, but that is where the stop-mo folks have it going on. The fact that their work can and often does capture the interests of live action people, directors, producers, ad agencies, etc. I can’t articulate it but there is a sheen to it which I want to think is the same sheen that CGI animation is going for, the look of something filmed in real space, in the XYZ space, with all of the shiney bells and litebrite whistles that go with it.

    And, that’s cool and understandable. It can and often does look great (toilet waste being an exception, of course).

    But hopefully, with more and more subversive ad campaigns that aren’t fit for prime time but do work well for niche audiences, there may be some more animation opportunities which open up.

    Of course, I’ve been saying and hoping for that for as long as Kriscafalusi has been thinking and saying similar things. It is an opportunity that seems to move as slowly as Galactus through interstellar molasses. But, obviously, it is tough to be aware of all trends and content being made. There’s so much of it and the popular stuff is more likely to be seen than the also cool, almost unknown stuff.