“Chaplin” By Seagulls Fly “Chaplin” By Seagulls Fly

“Chaplin” By Seagulls Fly

Don’t litter, talk or smoke at the movies… that’s the message beautifully communicated in this Chaplin trailer (created in 2009) by Rio De Janeiro-based Seagulls Fly:


Directors: FlavioMac and Alan Camilo
Animators: Gabriel Loques, FlavioMac, Fabrício Moraes, Alan Camilo, Fernando Reule, Gustavo Duval, Raoni Nery, Felipe Lobo, Luiz Felippe Azevedo
Storyboard: Marco Potter
Concept Art: Paulo Visgueiro, Marco Potter
Producers: Luciana Jordão and Juliana Ferreira

(Thanks, J.M. Urbina)

  • Maddog

    Chaplin looks so adorable in this trailer. :D

    I want to hug him!

  • Very well done. Cute designs. Great timing – especially on the part where Chaplin tosses the litter – a bit of business borrowed from “The Great Dictator’s” ‘Dance with the World” scene.

    My only less-than-glowing comment – the Chaplin character’s design looks more like Ben Turpin than it does Chaplin.

  • 2011 Adult

    I was hoping to God we would see this in theaters playing before a film. …until I heard the French. Ahh well.

    • Jless

      It’s not French but Portuguese, it’s the language in Brazil.

    • J.m

      Until you heard the French ? Ha ha ha

  • This is great stuff. I loved the subtle animation and caricature of Chaplin, good job.
    They show this at a certain movie theater chain here in Brazil to educate the public before the main feature starts. They do it in good taste and in a fun way.
    Congratulations to the crew, or in Portugues, Parabens!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Loved the bit of business with the big wad of paper; it was, of course, a nice quote from “The Great Dictator.”

  • But smuggling in popcorn from outside under your hat is okay?

  • Chaplin looks like Mr. Peanut! Ah!

  • Muito obrigado! :)

  • Trevor

    Yeah! Go Alan! You rocked it dude!

  • wonderful! any chance of an english translation? most of the gags are fine without, but i’d still be curious to fill in the few blanks.

    great stuff!

  • Ron

    It’s great. I love how even though I can’t understand the words, I still perfectly understand what’s going on and get the message of the film. Chaplin was a good choice for this and in a way it brings things full circle since the real Chaplin was studied by so many animators for his clear communication through posing and pantomime. It’s only fitting that he’d return in animated form. Bravo!

  • Very fun. A lot more digestible than DQE’s Charlie Chaplan looks to be… (to which, Jerry originally said “I predict disaster.”)

  • Demoman

    They all look like Vykkers, sans a leg and a set of arms.

    Nice little tribute to Chaplin.