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“Checkin’ In With Goofy”

We’ve been pretty frustrated with Disney merchandising the last few days. But when Disney does something right, let’s be just as quick to note that. This “how-to” commercial for the Disney Cruise line, in the style of the old Goofy theatrical shorts, is right on the money. Hopefully they’ll make more commercials, and actual cartoon shorts, like this in the future.

(Thanks, Paul Dini)

  • Scarabim

    Yeah, not bad. But if new theatrical shorts with Mickey and co. ARE produced, I hope they don’t use Flash.

    • Ron

      I agree that full animation would be better for Theatrical shorts- and was better for most parts of this commercial. I’m also with you 100% in hoping they do more. However I must respectfully disagree with you on one point. Flash is a very versatile program and when used right, can be the most effective tool. I bet if they’d used a more stylized “comic book” design of Goofy such as this one:

      or this one:

      It would’ve looked awesome in flash.

      Just my two cents.

      • Why would it have looked better? Cause it’d have had a “thicker line”?

        Comic-graphics-land Goofy and nostalgic-animated Goody are two very different things.

        *This isn’t a “comics” post by the way ;)

      • Augustin

        Thanks for that Goofy “Home Theatre” link. Beautiful stuff.

        *And no, this wouldn’t have looked better in Flash. People don’t seem to get the sensibilities that hand-drawn animation can bring to a character, compared to computer drawn ones. If you’ve never attempted real traditional animation, then you wouldn’t know. Sorry..

      • Ron

        @Augustin, believe me I do get the sensibilities that traditional animation brings to a character. I have more than just “attempted” real traditional animation. It was my livelihood for a number of years before the industry changed. I was a CG hater and specifically a flash hater for a long time- but when I finally learned it, I realized how much can be done with it. I still love traditional animation and wish there were a thriving industry for it today. If you read what I wrote, you’ll see that I said I agreed with Scarabim that traditional animation works best for this commercial.

        To continue with that and to answer @Ariel’s comment, I didn’t say it would look better in flash. I just said it doesn’t necessarily have to look BAD in flash. Flash in and of itself does not make or break a visual style. I simply meant that if designed properly, like a look with thick lines or no lines at all for example, it could look pretty good in flash…if handled by the right artist.

      • Josef

        @Augustin, Flash doesn’t have any control over how the artist uses it. It’s a tool. If you’ve never attempted to master Flash animation, then I guess you wouldn’t know.

        Please view the following. Flash was used in some capacity in the links below.

    • Ariel

      This was done in Flash?

  • Justin Delbert

    Is this gonna be on television or is it just a Youtube video to advertise Disney Cruise line? This is a great idea by the way

    • at 1:35 in length I can’t imagine that ever making it to air unless perhaps the Disney channel has a block of time at 2AM they haven’t sold.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        This looks like something I wouldn’t mind seeing at the start of a movie in the cinemas myself. How cinema ads should be designed!

  • Goofy has a twitchy right foot that is oddly out of sync with his travel over the BG. Sorry, but it just screamed at me from the first time I watched the spot.

    Maybe I’m not being fair. The last animation I really watched was Chomet’s Illusionist, which was wonderfully supple.

  • David Breneman

    That’s a genuinely clever piece. I liked the detail of the boarding gate and two ships’ vents arranged to make a Mickey outline, and the gag at the end where he takes off his sun hat and is wearing his regular hat underneath.

  • Captain Hollywood

    Nice… but yeah, the technicians using these modern day coloring/ compositing tools have GOT to figure out those sheen issues.

    • ! agree! Enough with the air brushing and cell shading already, it’s an eyesore.

    • SJ

      sheen issues?

  • J.M

    Yes the story and the gags are not bad, it almost feels like the old cartoons…

    But let me just say I totally HATED the secoundary characters’ designs, why not just make them the dog-like people they use to have in the old cartoons?….Oh I know why ,the advertising executives must have said: “We cannot do that ,the people buying these cruise tickets won’t have the sufucient intellect to relate to these characters if they look like cartoon dogs!.

    • tedzey

      Thank you for pointing it out before I did! Wouldn’t having the secondary characters as other versions of goofy be both a lot easier to animate and keeping it in touch with the original shorts 100%? Then again, this is a step up from 50 cent quoting Chip and Dale as well as gansta mickey; so it’s just minor nitpicking!

    • Mick Collins

      I *ABSOLUTELY* second this opinion.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It is certainly something to think about. I wonder if the intent was simply to have secondary characters the audiences could relate to as if Goofy existed in this somewhat real-world perspective. I would’ve rather not shown those characters anyway and simply blocked the scene so you might only see a leg or an arm in view whenever needed than to show entire bodies while keeping it all on Goofy.

    • Roland Denby

      I totally agree. The first thing I thought was the incidental characters were not in the same styling as Goofy. Stiff, with no personality all around.

  • This looks like the newer Tom And Jerry movies that keep popping up on Cartoon Network. It’s close, but it doesn’t feel entirely right. The Goofy cartoon from a few years ago in which he set up a home entertainment system felt more like the real thing.

    …and repeating from an above post: That’s some wonky foot action – and it’s animated the same weird way in another shot close to the end of the spot.

  • That was enjoyable. Although on an account that I do have one small criticism the secondary characters are humans which I find a bit weird though. If Disney is going to go back to producing theatrical short film cartoons. I would like to see a Mickey, Donald, and goofy short with the animation in charge by Eric Goldberg. That would be a treat.

    • udx

      Screw that. I’d rather see a Chip N Dale vs Donald Duck short.

  • Alfons Moliné

    Gawrsh! This advertisment captures almost successfully the spirit of the ol’Goof we all know and love, and it clearly proves that Disney can remain faithful to their classic characters if they really want to. When Goofy was about to fall from the staircase after missing the boat, one would think that he was going to do his famous “YAH-HOO-HOO-HOOIE” yell! However, I also agree that the human characters looked weird -I’d rather have replaced them by dog-faced characters, too! Yet the lady at the counter at 1.15 had a nice, pleasant design.
    Like many of you, I do wish a comeback of the classic Disney characters in new cartoons. What happened to that ambitious, much-announced Disney shorts program, which was launched with the delightful “How to Hook Up Your Home Theater”?

  • Edwin Austin

    Was that Daria I saw in line?

    • Toonio

      Yep, and looks legal! grrrrr!

  • Clint

    That was cool. The animation looked a bit jerky at times, but I’ll take that over some of that crappy Disney merchandising stuff anyday.

  • I liked this. I have to disagree with all of you, the Warners from “Animaniacs” were dogs (even though fans tell you they’re unindentifable specicies, maybe Dot was a cat) and they interacted with human characers just fine even if they scared or drove the humans crazy.

    • Mike Russo

      Yeah, but this isn’t Animaniacs.

  • Derik

    I didn’t think the clothes line was that bad. I thought it was quite great actually and wasn’t too far from graffiti style. The mouse/banksy style mickey was pretty hilarious, who gives a “crap” if it was a “stiff pose”.

    As for this advertisement, its pretty good to see some classic goofyness, but the walk cycle when he’s entering the building looks kinda weird…

  • Mike Russo

    At the very end there, as he’s going through the photo album, I swear that’s Goofy’s theme from the Goof Troop TV show. Anyone else familiar with the show and can back me up on that?

  • Deaniac

    Funny how as soon as this site begins ragging on Disney’s current marketing scheme, something neat like this pops up. Although the animation was pretty jerky at times, it was entertaining nonetheless. I do hope that Disney starts making more cartoon shorts with Mickey and company, theatrical, commercial, or otherwise.

    And for the record, WHO CARES if the secondary characters are actual humans? This isn’t a theatrical short that takes place in the Disney canon; it’s a commercial, it’s promoting Disney’s Cruise Line, and it has Goofy. That’s what captured my interest, (and I’m sure it’s what will capture the interest of ordinary consumers), not that the background characters aren’t anthropomorphic dogs. Geez, some people nitpick about the stupidest things.

    • The Gee

      I don’t think it is nitpicking.

      Part of the Goofy character’s shorts that this is riffing off of is the fact that he is an Everyman. When, he stands out in the crowd, he ceases to be that archetype.

      I’m sure it was discussed and set aside before hand. It is too bad they didn’t go with a world of Goofs because it wouldn’t have ruined it as a commercial. In fact, it could have made it stronger, in a subtle fashion.

      That said, they could have gone with a live action/cartoon hybrid and they didn’t. You know that would have been bright and sunshiney all the way through. The end result is that version probably would have been less remarkable.
      But, this one stands out on its on in a nice way.

      My two cents, adjusted for inflation.

      • Paul N

        I agree that the human characters felt odd, but the Goof we see here isn’t the same Goof as was in shorts like “Hockey Homicide” and “Motor Mania.” That Goof was missing the dangly ears that this Goofy has. The earless version is the everyman version you’re referring to; here he’s just Goofy.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with Deaniac.

      People do indeed nitpick about the stupidest things, ruining the enjoyment of shorts like this for myself and everyone else.

      As Thumper once said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

  • Silence Dogood

    He types with his eyes closed? Wow.
    But in all serious, its pretty good. True the checkout lady was pretty gruesomely animated, but most people buying a Disney cruise ticket won’t care.

  • Steven M.

    Thats much better. Make more of them, Disney.

  • Shmorky

    Well… I liked the gag about him wearing his hat under the hat.

  • Sat

    The guess the budget/time allowed here isn’t the same as the other shorts (and the Home Theater one) so it’s pretty nice for that. More !

  • I’ll just leave this here.

  • Vik

    Loved seeing the old Goofy again. Wish we could have more actual short cartoons using the old classic Disney characters.

    • People probably won’t agree, but I’d love to see the old Donald back. By old I mean, the long beak version from Orphans Benefit (*black/white version) or the Wise Little Hen.

      I found him way more pleasing than the revised 1940’s version.

  • Really cute! My girlfriend is gonna love this one!

  • Kyle Maloney

    It was alright, not as good as how to hook up your home theater, but considering this was meant to be an ad rather than a real short I guess I can be more forgiving.

  • This was delightful! They should do all their advertisements in short animation form!

  • Scarabim

    About the dog-like people controversy…when I was a kid, I hated those creatures, both in the toons and in the comic books. They creeped me out. Still do. Humans with dog noses, bleah. Worst thing Disney ever invented IMO. So I have no problem with Goofy interacting with humans. He’s Goofy. He shouldn’t blend in with the crowd.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      And yet I had no prob’s what that myself. I just thought it was normal in the context of that world being presented in those comics or cartoons.

  • Besides the weird, bland looking humans – I liked it. (Anyone else notice the character behind Goofy in 0:23 looks like Carl from ATHF?)

  • Lot’s of talk of nostalgia but this was done only a few years back and was perfect in all respects.

    The design, colour and animation of that Disney Cruise commercial lacks consistency and finesse.

    • TheGunheart

      Though to be fair, that was a full theatrical short, not a commercial. Still, “Home Theater Installation” was just perfect.

    • Robert Schaad

      Like the first part of your comment…and the link.

  • rghbr

    The animation just doesn’t beat the old smooth animation from the past…

  • TJR

    Goofy interacting with humans doesn’t bother me one bit, since this isn’t even a real Disney short. But this really doesn’t appear to be an ad so much, as it appears to be an instructional film for people who are planning on taking a Disney Cruise. For that reason, this little film is way better than any of us have a right to expect it to be.

  • Who animated this advertisement?

  • Tony C

    It seems a few detractors to this are forgetting it’s an advert. Not that I disagree with their criticisms… but it’s probably a tad unfair to assume it had anywhere near the budget or time an actual commissioned short would have been granted.

    You may argue that they are minor changes… but you never know how many things they would already have had to change prior to it being aired.

    I think it’s great.

    • diego

      I’ve seen a lot of adverts with great animation and good drawings all of my life. And there’s a lot of money in advertisement. This is just cheap.

      • What makes it cheap? The overboard on highlights?

        And what makes having a lot of money to do a commercial be better? Even when you have tons of money to do something, but they still only give you two weeks to do it, you’re still gonna’ pump out shit.

        *Not that this is shit :)

  • Right on the money except that the animation is functional at best, suggesting they didn’t really spend any. You cant let that sort of thing off when its the Disney company aping their own classic period and the product is something as decadent as a cruise line. Plus the colours are inauthentic, the processing too tonal and the incidental characters look like they’re from the old Ninja Turtles cartoon.
    Apart from that, right on the money.

  • d. harry

    does anyone here know who animated this??

  • As an advert it was great.

  • The drawing in this is seriously bad. Worse than any other recent Goofy ‘cartoon’ too. A far cry from John Sibley indeed.

    • diego

      I agree. It’s not any good. Not even for television.

    • Ariel

      What short are you watching

      At least this Goof has the “ears” that they economically left out of the ’50s shorts.

  • The writing and direction is very good, and even some of the animation… but the flash style does leave something to be desired when, after all, this will be compared to the classic Goofy shorts made by Disney’s legendary animators. And while we’re at it: There’s something wrong with Goofy’s facial design (specifically the too chubby snout part). He somehow reminds me more of Tex Avery’s wolf character than of Goofy. The face just doesn’t look sympathetic and appealing enough for Goofy.

    • snip13

      This good Sir is most certainly NOT Flash style… though I know that’s a broad term. It’s just traditional animation that isn’t as polished as in features.

      … any word on what studio animated this Jer?

  • Mike Russo

    I guess the idea is that the human characters in this commercial represent you, me or anyone else who may be using the cruise line in “real life”. It’s just like those commercials they play on the Magical Express buses showing the costumed characters enjoying their Disney vacations around normal people.

  • Baron Lego

    Is it just me or does the animation and drawings, generally-speaking, feel a little “off” in spots? I can’t put my finger on it…

  • Vernon

    It’s good that Disney did anything at all featuring any of their classic characters animated in 2D. If they cease doing this, no one will remember them.

  • Nice and simple. It’s kind of weird how he’s among humans now instead of other Goofys (it’s awesome seeing Daria in there. I love that show).
    They should make more of these, put them on the Disney Channel, and have them teach kids the importance of good hygeine, or not staying too long on the computer.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Wouldn’t hurt.

      Also, there’s some Donald Duck cartoons were often they stick him in a human world too.

  • David Breneman

    There’s a simple and obvious answer to the non-dog secondary characters. This is the REAL Goofy, going on vacation, not Goofy as a character in a movie. See how easy that was to clear up? Jeez Louise…

  • Timanim

    Eh… I was REALLY distracted at how this short LOST what made goofy cartoons great. The animation looked really stiff and cheap, and the gags weren’t nearly exaggerated enough to be called “goofy”

    C’mon disney, you got it right just a few years ago ( ). Were you just slacking off because it’s for your cruise line?

  • This proves how well Flash can work for animation. Goofy looks great throughout. He is supposed to look different from the secondary characters so that he stands out. For a commercial, this is beautiful work. I love the old style credits as well!

  • Andy

    I think Donald would have been a funnier choice due to his lack of being able to deal with inconvenience, but who doesn’t love Goofy? I love the hat gag at the end.

  • This goes to prove hand drawn character animation is still tops!!!

  • I have to agree with a few others on here…I wasn’t really impressed with this at all. The animation was stiff and jittery and the model – good god, the model was just unbearable for me. Especially the scene where he’s typing…poor Goofy just looks like some not-so-hot fan art. Maybe it’s because I was going in thinking this would be at the same caliber of animation as “how to hook up your home theater” for some reason.

    I did not like this at all…and I typically love and support this kinda stuff. It was just a little disappointed. :\

  • I was lucky enough to work on John Sibley’s stuff and the guy was truly a master when it came to animating “The Goof.”

    Sadly, I wouldn’t expect much from Disney these days. Not that they don’t have guys who can do this stuff – it’s just that they simply don’t care.

    On the other hand, the Disney Cruise is a helluva lot of fun. If you can afford it, that is.

    • Anonymous

      You’re wrong and you know it, Mr. Norman.

  • Donny

    Feels a little of model to me sometimes.

  • Lilo

    The animation looks outsourced…

  • Matt

    I think it’s fairly obvious that this wasn’t animated at WDAS by the same people who did How to Hook Up Your Home Theater… so I think it’s a little unfair to be holding it up to that standard. This is just a quick ad, probably either outsourced or animated by someone in a totally different area of the company.

    I love it. Yeah, it’s no classic… but it’s not supposed to be. It seems no one can enjoy something simply for what it is these days.

    • Well it’s obvious it wasn’t done at the WDAS, but on first glance before I hit the “play” button, I thought it WOULD be as nice as Disney’s latest shorts. I figured since commercials typically have a pretty decent budget, it would’ve looked a little nicer. Then when it started moving, it made me a bit sad because it wasn’t. :( I don’t think this is a matter of people not enjoying and appreciating it…I love seeing stuff like this. That’s why I was slightly disappointed.

      • Anonymous

        Your criticism is completely unfair, unwarranted and unjustified in every respect, Mr. Sibsy.

        Enjoy things for what they are and not for what you want them to be!

  • chipper

    Why is Goofy wearing two hats?

    • The Goof.

      Umm… he’s GOOFY.

  • Roman

    One thing I would say for this is that at least some animators got to work on something and get paid to do something that was at least in spirit similar to the classic Goofy shorts.

    Normally, this might have been done with a similar script, but in live action using a costumed character from the themeparks.

    Animated > Rubberhead any day.

  • Narwall E

    The 2D Goofy ad brings to mind this classic George Carlin ‘announcer’ line: “The big bands are comin’ back, folks! That’s right, the big bands are comin’ back. (pause) ‘Course, there ain’t no JOBS for ’em…”

  • I would appreciate it if Disney can commit to an animation unit that can give us six minutes (+/-) to enjoy a well-made new short in front of a good movie.

    Unfortunately, that’s asking too much.

  • is Gary Owens the narrator?

    • David Breneman

      I don’t think so, In fact, I found the narrator the weakest part of the whole thing.

  • Actually, Arturo, that’s Corey Burton as the narrator, just as he’s been since those “Mickey Mouse Works” cartoons back in 1999. Anyway, I, myself, loved this ad for its animation and simple plot. That and the fact that it’s a Goofy cartoon, Goofy being my favorite classic Disney character and all. And personally, I don’t mind seeing humans as background characters in that short, even if it is an ad for Disney Cruise Line. It’s a nice change from all those “Goofy” dopplegangers, if you ask me (though I doubt you would). I would like to see that in a cartoon more often, keeping Goofy… well, Goofy!

  • The amount of emotional energy folks burn up over such trivial matters amazes me. I like animation—classic, good, accomplished animation, as much as the next fan, BUT—I try to save my true indignation for issues that really matter. It’s cartoons, folks. Looks like Goofy, acts like Goofy, resembles the old Disney shorts. “Oh my GOD, human characters!!! Oh my GOD, he was off model in that shot!!! They used FLASH????” You’d think children were being murdered.

    Someone’s going to say, “Well, if you consider good animation trivial…” I don’t. But in comparison to the real problems of the world? If you’re going to get THAT worked up, channel it towards something important.

  • The realistic human characters look really lame. I want to stab my eyes out!

    • Who’s looking at the humans? This short is great

    • David Breneman

      “The realistic human characters look really lame. I want to stab my eyes out!”

      And this is one of the reasons health care is so expensive today.

  • This would have been 100% perfect…. if there weren’t shadows on the characters.

    Shadows “under” the character’s fine, but why must everything have a “rounded, 3D” look??

    Two thumbs up to theatrical-style shorts though! More of ’em!!

    • 2011 Teenager

      Blame ‘Roger Rabbit.’

  • This one is new to me, although I collected the stickers:

  • Joshtbck

    For a 1 min 35 sec commercial they couldn’t afford adequate inbetweens? The keys looked great, but come on. We know things are going CGI nowadays, but if you’re going to do something old school then do it the old school way.

  • The Gee

    From what little research I did and from what I can tell, this is not even a commercial, exactly. It is something that people who are thinking of or want to sign up for a cruise get to see to briefly explain the system that the cruise line has set up.

    so, it is just an online cartoon and never was intended to be something shown in theaters or on TV. Though, obviously an edited version could be shown elsewhere.

    The intention just seems to be for delivering information to potential travellers at the point when they try using Disney’s online system.

    Why that matters? some of the people who have used it seem to like the cartoon quite a bit and it pushed the right buttons on them. So: success for the purpose of the cartoon.

    There’s a blog for that division which explains the new system and shows the cartoon.

  • Pez

    Needs better Character Layout. Animation was impressive.

    Any excuse to continue producing little cartoon shorts is OK with me.

    Nice work who ever worked on this project.

  • 2011 Teenager

    Oh man! Watching TV and just saw another Disney Cruiseline commercial emulating hand-drawn animation (this one has them against Pixar’s usual CG)! I’m surprised that Disney is apparently concentrating their effort hard on these commercials! The Cruiseline must be a big hit in sales.

  • Jeffrey Gray

    I was more wowed by Tony Bancroft’s Fred Moore-esque animation of Mickey for that “World of Color” theme park spot – especially since it’s been almost a decade since Mickey had any kind of traditionally-animated depiction.