Cheerios Kid, 1957 Cheerios Kid, 1957

Cheerios Kid, 1957

  • The Cheerios Kid has gone thru more distinct changes and had more famous cartoon co-stars than probably any other animated hawker in history! Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Young Samson and Goliath all made appearances with the Kid as you see him in the Youtube clip, Later, he de-volved in the seventies, into a blackboard chalk character akin to a stick figure!
    “Go Go Go Cheerios Kid! Go Go Power From Cheerios—GO!”

  • Just like Popeye!!

    He’s strong to the finich, ’cause… he’s feeling his cheerios (bad song mash-up intended!).

  • Erica

    That is too hilarious! Who doesn’t love old commercials?

  • Doug Drown

    I used to love the Cheerios Kid commercials when I was a little kid. The character goes back to at least 1955 (when I first remember him), and he continued in the commercials into the ’90s, if I’m not mistaken.

    Does anyone know what studio made the early commercials?

  • Thank YOO for a great Cheerios Kid moment!!

  • Christopher Cook

    I vaguely remember the early spots but I vividly recall the spots with Cheerios Sue in the 1960s. Sue was a cutie but kind of a shrew.

  • That is pretty freakin’ awesome. We need to see more fun commercials like this!

  • Richard

    Past: The Cheerios Kid
    Now: Cheetos Orange Underground

    Am I the only one who thinks current advertising stinks?

  • Bill Ferry

    I remember the commercials with Bullwinkle and the Cheerios Kid and Sue…in fact, I had a cereal bowl, dish, and cup combo with their picture (one of those boxtop deals). I recall the dish picture had Bullwinkle on a diving board , wearing his old-fashioned striped swimsuit. Great motivation to eat MORE Cheerios! Was there ever any kid in America who DIDN’T like Cheerios?

  • Emily

    Reminds me a little of the Disney short, ‘Cowboy Needs a Horse’. I love that short!

  • Killroy McFate

    I liked it better back when breakfast cereals gave you super powers.

  • These were such beautiful organic commercials. Today they feel the need to gloss everything up. Simple appealing design with good animation for pleasing aesthetics.

  • Weren’t these animated by Disney’s commercial dept?

  • Emily and Gerard de Souza – I don’t know if this commercial was animated by Disney studios, but I found it attached to a Mickey Mouse Club episode in my archive. So maybe??

  • FP

    The horse moves look like Disney work.

  • John

    There’s another Cherrios commercial from the same time period where the kid saves Donald Duck from a vicious bear (NOT Humphrey!), so it wouldn’t be a big surprise if this commercial also was animated by Disney.

  • John Randolph Hurd

    It IS reminiscent of “A Cowboy Needs A Horse”, whether Disney was involved in its production or not.

  • amid

    This is a Disney produced spot. Character designs were by Tom Oreb. Background layout was by Vic Haboush.

  • absolutely brilliant stuff!…. SOOOOO charming :)

    Fun designs that move well… i wish more stuff on TV today was like this!

  • Fred Sparrman

    A conspicuous absence of sound effects, I’d say!

  • NancyB

    It’s amusing to think that this may be Disney, since at one time the studio (or at least someone in management) insisted that they DID NOT produce commercials.
    Greg Ford found “Bucky Beaver” IPANA toothpaste commercials that were definitely done at Disney, and intercut them in a special I directed for Warners (BUGS BUNNY’S LUNAR TUNES) just to get up someone’s nose.

  • Gobo

    Love the creative use of type, especially the wonderful organic way the word OATS swirls down to make the bowl. Contrasted with the UPA style graphics, it’s a great spot.

  • working on cereal commercials now myself, cheerio’s kid is a breath of fresh air…no matter how much good, full animation we do now.

  • And not a computer in the whole production process. This is blasphemy!

  • O, and the little girl in peril screams like a cat in heat.