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Christian Aid Week Spot

Christian Aid Week

Richard Mitchelson writes in to tell me about a new ad that he animated in Flash for Christian Aid Week. Though created before any of the recent natural disasters, it’s unfortunately very timely at the moment because of the tragedies in Myanmar and China. The spot was directed by 2AM’s PAM (Paul, Anthony, Malcolm), designed by graphic collective Eboy, and composited in Flame by Jason Watts of Finish. I really like this spot; not only is it well animated, but in a commercial world of rapid-fire cutting and dizzying camera angles, it’s refreshing to see a static isometric-shot for an entire 30-second commercial.

  • doug holverson

    There was this Areva ad from four years ago that used a text-bookish isometric layout.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I like it as well, but whereas the “rapid-fire cutting and dizzying camera angles” of some commercials are inspired by video games, this one is too — it has a very Sims feel to it.