<em>City Park</em> by Courtland Lomax <em>City Park</em> by Courtland Lomax

City Park by Courtland Lomax

You may remember the Courtland Lomax House of Cats viral we posted last July. Here is his second Swarovski spot, recently released, again using animation to promote their crystal figurines…

Directed by Courtland Lomax
Music by Brian Young
Compositing by Ethan Metzger
Backgrounds and Character Designs by Brigette Barrager
Animation: Jennifer Hager, Jules Soto, Destiny Wood, Matt Pugnetti, Philip Vose and Courtland Lomax.

  • VinceP

    I honestly don’t see the appeal of crystal figurines, but I do see the appeal of these shorts! So nice! It’s just so fun and cartoony, I could watch this stuff all day. Those designs are just so totally cute too, it’s pretty irresistable. Thanks for the post Jerry!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Gorgeous. Now if only the figurines didn’t cost more than a month’s pay…

  • bert klein

    beautiful work! i am very proud of you guys!

  • Scarabim

    I loved the cat cartoon, and this is just as charming. A many-faced peaceable kingdom to be sure. Just delightful.