Clanky, The Chocolate Spaceman Clanky, The Chocolate Spaceman

Clanky, The Chocolate Spaceman

From the golden age of TV commercials.
(via Bedazzled)

  • It’s a damn shame that commercials can’t be as simple and charming nowadays; it’s much more fashionable to be vague and/or unnecessarily mean-spirited. Then again, I’d be hard-pressed to see anyone try anything (commercial or not) that succeeds as well as this one random 50s TV ad does.

  • Being 54….i not only remember him….but HAD one! [It made a great bathtub afterwards, too!]

  • They should make a feature animation bout that character.

  • Gary Pearson

    MMMM….the two coolest things, robots and chocolate together! The fifties and sixties were a great times for turning cars into rockets, chairs into pods and kitchens into command centres. We might have more technology now, but things are just not as cool. I personally believe food, pretty much any kind of food, is better when packaged and sold by a cartoon character. Now we’re all concerned about HEALTHY and we’re leaving the fun behind. Tony the Tiger has become yet another nag out there telling me to excercise.
    Give me more robots dispensing chocolate-a fantasy any kid can love.

  • uffler mustek

    Did Clanky just bleed on that kid?

  • So young, such innocent times.

  • Brad Constantine

    Now I know what the Iron Giant was filled with…yummy….
    Thanx fer sharing…

  • j

    reminds me of tootsie roll’s beloved jingle from my youth. the few times that old school ad would still pop up during commercial breaks in the subsequent decades filled me with such nostalgia. advertising’s increasingly geared toward those afflicted with ADHHDD (attention-deficit, hyperactivity, high-definition disorder).

  • “advertising’s increasingly geared toward those afflicted with ADHHDD (attention-deficit, hyperactivity, high-definition disorder).”

    hmmm… I wonder if all the sugar in those cartoon-pitched children’s foods had anything to do with the outbreak of ADHHDD?

  • Keith Paynter

    At least it was chocolate! (…ewww!!) :)

  • maxeythecat

    Wow! I remember this from my childhood…….my brother and I both had one!

  • Killroy McFate

    Oh Mighty Clanky! Favor me with thine chocolatey goodness!

  • Robert Schaad

    My brother surprised me (understatement) w/ my very own Clanky a few years ago. It was minus the cap, but I’ve since found a yellow one that matches/fits perfectly.

  • Brian Smith

    These days, there’d have to be a disclaimer on the ad: “Clanky does not move on his own.”

  • joecab

    You thought that was just blood? Oh you poor naive little thing.