Classy Promo for Chilevisión by Juan Delcan Classy Promo for Chilevisión by Juan Delcan

Classy Promo for Chilevisión by Juan Delcan

It’s a gutsy move for any TV network to promote itself nowadays with a 90-second animated piece, especially one that’s as visually sophisticated as this Chilevisión spot directed by Nola Pictures’ Juan Delcan. The Chilean network wanted to promote “the channel’s approach of respecting all people, without judgment and reporting clear unbiased truth.” Here’s a version with English subtitles.

Production Company: Nola Pictures
Director: Juan Delcan
Design & Animation: Juan Delcan, Arthur Metcalf, Peter Ahern, Toni Tysen, Celia Bullwinkel, Jake Armstrong
EPs: Charlie Curran, Ximena Cano
Producer: JJ Wilmoth
Agency: 180 Grados, Chile
Creative Directors: Sergio Gamboa, Joacim Montaner

  • diego

    Yeah, I saw this one at the cinema… and I wanted to know who did it. I think they want to change the popular perception of the network now that it’s not owned by president Piñera but by Turner Broadcasting System. I guess things are not going to change much anyway. But what an excellent spot, I was very impressed.

  • this thing IS pretty amazing

  • CC

    Gutsy? I think not. That was excellent.

  • cbat628


  • Izzy

    Taste and class. Two things missing on American corporate television.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Now you see what I’ve been talking about! I just don’t see it!

  • J.m

    Chileans are such poets.

    This is wonderful, gracias por postearlo Amidi

  • Class

  • GSW

    Fantastic. Visually stimulating and inventive. Loved it.

  • Wow! Utterly beautiful

  • It gives me goosebumps. Exellent and an universal message (disregarding its indirect message, wich is alright.)

  • Barbara

    These credits are incomplete. Four other animators worked on this project:
    Peter Ahern
    Toni Tysen
    Celia Bullwinkel
    Jake Armstrong