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“Deezer Commercial” by CRCR and McBess

Making the rounds today is this incredible TV spot for French music website Deezer from art collective CRCR (we posted several of their pieces within the past year). This time they are working with illustrator/director McBess. The result is 30-seconds of joy:

(Thanks, Wicker Biscuit)

  • Dana B

    In today’s entertainment full of fancy CGI, it’s a relief to know that traditionally drawn animation still thrives as fluidly and beautiful as this! Now if only the U.S. could have more commercials like this…     

  • sasha

    i absolutely love CRCR’s work, every time i see one of their works i feel inspired.

  • Alan

    KABLAM! fantastique.

  • Stav Levi

    CRCR are amazing