Donald Duck and Cheerios Kid in <i>The Explorer</i> Donald Duck and Cheerios Kid in <i>The Explorer</i>

Donald Duck and Cheerios Kid in The Explorer

(Thanks, Steve Moore)

  • Is it just me, or does the announcer/narrator guy sound like Harry Shearer?

  • Donald’s commercial was before my time, but I do remember Bullwinkle & Cherrios Kid plugging the stuff–I even had a bowl with them on it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    After the Cheerio kid lost his job he got a job with Frito-Lay and became the Frito kid.

  • Geo

    I can’t make out a word of what Donald or his nephews are saying.

  • dcuny

    Here you go:

    Announcer: Presenting Donald Duck and the Cheerios Kid in “The Explorer.”

    Donald: Oh boy, oh boy! A cave! Let’s go in!

    Huey: But Uncle Donald…

    Dewey: Wait a minute…

    Louie: There’s a…

    Donald: Dah, dah dah dum dum… (Screams)

    Bear: (Roars)

    Huey: Uh, oh!

    Dewey: What do we do?

    Louie: There’s the Cheerios Kid! He will save Uncle Donald.

    Announcer: Sure, the Cheerios Kid can save Donald. And here’s why: Cheerios! Yup, Cheerios. ‘Cause they’re made from oats, and toasted inside and out and all ’round about so they’re good and crisp. And a Cheerios breakfast gives you protein to help build and maintain strong bodies. Real power protein! Plus more Vitamin B1 that gives you “Go-Power.”

    Female Chorus: (Sings) Yes, he’s got “Go-Power!”

    Male Singer: There he goes!

    Donald: Wow!

    Female Chorus: He’s feeling his Cheerios!

    Cheerios Kid: (Sings) If you know your oats, you too will go for nutritious, delicious Cheerios!

    Female Chorus: (Sings) Cheerios!

  • Rotciv Petrovic

    Poor Bear…

  • J Lee

    Would have been a funnier ad if Humphrey was chasing Donald. :)

    But it is interesting to see the earlier version of the Cheerios Kid than the 1960s one, with the UPA/Format Films type design. Not that there’s a lot of expressive animation of him here, but at least they gave him something more than that black bowl of hair all the 60s ads featured.

  • I hope this shows up on a subsequent Donald Duck Treasures set … but I won’t hold my breath.

  • John A

    My uncle was a radio actor back in the 40’s . He did kid’s voices and one of his voices was the Cheerios Kid. –just putting that info out for no particular reason. I just remember him saying how silly he thought the expression “I’m feeling my Cheerios” was. Don’t think he had anything to do with this one.

  • doug holverson

    Looks like there’s Zipatone on that one background.

  • Doug Drown

    I’ve seen some of the early Cheerios Kid commercials, from the early- to mid-’50s. They were pretty nicely done. Anyone know who was responsible for them?

  • red pill junkie

    When a male duck is shown feeling a kid’s cheerios… you now it’s an ad from a more naive and innocent age :-)

  • Keith Paynter

    It’s hard to believe in today’s ADD television society that commercials like than ran for 60 seconds. Even for movie promos – that way you actually knew what the film was about before you went to see it! Keep ’em coming, Jerry!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Funny someone noticed how long this commercial was. I only wish it could be this way again. Little more time to savor the animation or the characters contained than in what they could fit in with 15 or 30 seconds of time.

  • Mr. Semaj

    This commercial was way before my time, but cereal ads used to rock out loud!