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Dreamworks Animator Appears in HP Ad Campaign

When was the last time an animator was the centerpiece of a nationwide ad campaign? I was flipping through the latest issue of Time magazine and came across this unusual full page ad (above) from Hewlett Packard featuring Dreamworks character animator Rex Grignon at work. Dreamworks obviously has a relationship with HP (Jeffery spoke at an HP conference last month) and perhaps this was a trade off. Personally, I think anything that promotes the artists behind the product is a good thing.

  • wever

    DreamWorks uses HP servers, stations, teleconference phones, and rendering farms for their animated films. They have been for the better part of a decade, so this news isn’t surprising. Both companies also sell stocks, and both are Fortune 500s!

  • Anonymous

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  • Marvin

    A few DreamWorks people also appeared in at least one HP TV commercial during the last decade. The characters Shrek and Donkey also turned up, animated as though they were lurking in the halls. This gives HP perceived Hollywood sizzle; showcasing the bookkeeping arm of just any mundane business using HP hardware would not.

    • jmac

      wasn’t that the commercial where the actors union wouldn’t allow them to use real animators?

  • Good for Rex, he’s a great guy and an excellent animator. He’s one of the supervising animators at PDI/Dreamworks.

  • Toonio

    HP took way too long to get their campaign right. However they came out swinging for the fence with this one. Good job!

  • Hey Now

    Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois were also in an HP TV spot when HTTYD was released.

  • Kyle B

    This is a really great ad! I’d love more stuff like this and less stuff like the bizarre out of nowhere plug HP got in Madagascar 3

    speaking of past dreamworks-related HP ads, I recall one using the cast of Over the Hedge back when that film was released.

    • Funkybat

      What made the HP quote in Madagascar 3 not work for me is that the printer looked almost exactly like an old Epson printer I had. If they’re going to joke about HP printers, make it look like an HP printer!

      • Kyle B

        Exactly! That was part of my problem with it, the other problem was it just reeked of “off-screen punch up jokes” that Patton Oswalt complained about having to write for Dreamworks in his standup routine except merged with advertising. It really felt like some exec demanded the line be in there instead of a joke someone on the producion team came up with. The printer not even being an HP just kind of highlights that

  • Tim

    Rex – You da man!! Rex has been around long before PDI was PDI/Dreamworks – glad to see him get some “face” time!

  • AC

    Are HPs good for animation? My 4gig Dell fried a few months ago in the beginnings of my latest project, and I’m trying to make a decision on what to buy next.

  • Rex Grignon

    Thanks for posting, Jerry! I feel honored to represent the artists making the movies. Hopefully this will help more animators get the recognition they deserve!