Elmer Fudd for Geico Car Insurence Elmer Fudd for Geico Car Insurence

Elmer Fudd for Geico Car Insurence

(Thanks, William Skaleski)

  • Rooniman

    ??????????? What? I don’t get it…

  • It looks very authentic, but there’s something strange about the animation though…

  • Brendan Spillane


  • EatRune

    Sweet post, I think I remember you (Amid?) saying how you preferred these characters being used to sell products to adults (as opposed to toys or cereal (it was a Tom & Jerry post).

  • Tim Hodge

    So Geico has licensed both Disney characters (PatF) and WB characters in the same year. Before you know it, they’ll have Samurai Jack, too!

  • Paul N

    Cavemen, a gecko, a stack of money with googly eyes, and now Elmer. Does Geico HAVE a corporate branding department?

  • WellFedEd

    First making fun of cavemen and now cartoon speech impediment? For shame, Geico!

  • Cute but they could have done more with that.

    Elmer on Phone: I need to puh-chase some caw inshuh-ance.

    Caveman on other end at GEICO call center: Does anyone understand this guy?

  • charles

    WHAT ??? ….”It looks very authentic, but there’s something strange about the animation though… ”

    God, I hate people who have no clue what the hell they are talking about !!! Hey genius can you clarify what you trying to say.

  • Isaac

    They got the color key right, but the animation like what you might see in The Chipmunks 2007 film. They made Elmer into a Don Bluth character, with puffy clothes, a constant smile, and floppy expressions.

    Compare it to the Chuck Jones Fire Rabbit Elmer:
    Purposefulness: http://i.imgur.com/hoNkJ.png
    Childish satisfaction: http://i.imgur.com/wbBP0.png
    Moronic pride: http://i.imgur.com/tp7WB.png

    Now it’s, “smile, smile, smile.”

  • Very cool! Does anyone know what studio did this?

  • Isaac

    Wow, Charles, relax.

  • The animation looks like it was done in Flash, but other than that, it’s a fine ad.

  • tommy

    So the joke in this commercial is pointing out that Elmer Fudd has a speech impediment?
    That’s 10 levels below even a Family Guy joke.

  • I think thats Billy West doing his Elmer voice, personally I prefer his Elmer on “Back in Action”, when his performance there sounded more like Arthur Q Bryan. Here he sounds more like his own voice doing Elmer.

  • Is this Darrell Van Citters’ work ?

  • I second what Jodie said. What studio did the animation?

  • Donald C.

    Digital tweening mixed with traditional gives off an unusual effect.

  • Wooks wike the wowk of Dawwew Van Cittews to me!

  • MK

    I believe it was done by Renegade studios… A buddy of mine was telling me he was working on this… and yeah it was done in flash ( Im pretty sure about that )

  • charles

    “They got the color key right, but the animation like what you might see in The Chipmunks 2007 film. They made Elmer into a Don Bluth character, with puffy clothes, a constant smile, and floppy expressions.”

    Wow, Isaac you don’t seem you know what the heck your talking about either!
    1) … the color key you speak of comes from Warner Bros. and not the client (Gieco). Maybe you should check the color balance on your monitor.
    2)And I can not understand how you compare a 30 second 2D spot to a 3d animated/live action film. how is the animation similar, is floaty, over rendered ….what, be specific!

    If you don’t like the animation that’s fine it’s your opinion. As it was mine in my earlier post. I only dislike when someone makes a statement they can’t back up or are to vague with their criticisms and nothing more.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I think the first time I saw it, I got a bit of a laugh, but looking back on it, I do wonder what was the deal anyway (wouldn’t mind seeing another one of Elmer if they could keep it up, the googly-eyed money was the bottom of the barrel).

  • Charles: You seem to be more guilty of vague communication than anyone here.

  • I wonder how much money Geico makes each year; they must spend hundreds of millions each year on advertising. At least they’re keeping the Looney Tunes in the minds of people.

  • Feh.

    And the point of that was….. what now?

    Honestly if I see a commercial like this, I would at least want to see Elmer Fudd tied to Geico, instead of a joke that isn’t even the slightest bit remotely funny.

    This can’t even get that right.

  • Marc Baker

    Is it any surprise that Geico Commercials can’t possibly be funny at all? They’re all stupid pieces of crap that make me hate the advertising even more! Seriously, i hope Geico makes so many blunders that they file for chapter 11 as a result because they absolutely suck at ‘being funny’ because they’re NOT FUNNY! Never have been, and never will! Go suck a lemon, Geico!

  • Personally, I think it this spot is extremely very well done. I wouldn’t have pegged it for Flash at all!

    I’ve seen attempts at reproducing classic Warner’s animation and it never works because they added cel shading or some other nicety that didn’t exist in the actual classic films. Whoever did this certainly kept the look and feel of the animation very consistent.


  • It’s actually pretty well animated and it does look quite similar to the classic animation, though it’s true that the joke itself doesn’t have a lot of relationship with the actual thing they are advertising.

    Yeah, a couple of movements Elmer does seem a little uncharacteristic but I don’t think it’s too Don Bluth or that he clothes are too “puffy”. There are three or four facial expressions that seem very true to his classic aspect.

  • Scarabim

    *shrug* I like this a heck of a lot better than the Princess and the Frog thing.

  • Gerard de Souza

    whoever animated this knows their stuff. Nice Bg too.

  • The best contemporary piece of Looney Tunes related animations I’ve seen. It’s a little off but not bad.

  • Joey

    It was animated at Renegade by Scott O’Brien and Peter Michail
    (possibly some others)

  • Keith

    Yep, animated at Renegade! Darrell directed, Scott O’Brien and myself animated. Clean-up by Peter Michail, John Anderson, and more. BG color & signs, if not the pencil drawing (not sure who handled that one), was also Peter Michail.

    Elmer Fudd, Charlie Daniels, the Waltons, and Ed “Too Tall” Jones are all subjects in this particular campaign, which is basically: “Can switching to Geico save you 15% or more on auto insurance? Is the Pope Catholic?” Hope that clears it up for everyone.

  • larry

    There’s a statement that goes something like “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Thank you Geico, your commerical took mine and simply copied it.

  • barnaby

    10 levels below a Family Guy joke.

    I really feel sorry for the PC clowns…do they enjoy *anything*?

  • Gerry Warmingham M.S.,CCC/SLP

    As a speech/language pathologist I am disgusted that a company would think this commercial to be humerous. Many people have difficulty making /r/ sounds and work very hard to remediate it. Seeing this comercial tells them that they are laughed at. Please reconsider using it.

  • trem2

    I just saw this for the first time on this site. Had to watch it twice. lol both times!

  • Brenda

    The guy, on the Elmer Fudd commercial, seems to be trying to imitate David Caruso from CSI:Miami to me. I think this is funny…but I do not like to watch Caruso…lol!!!

  • Rebecca Angeles, Speech-Language Pathologist

    This commercial should be taken off the air. I, too, am a speech-language pathologist, and work at an elementary school with several young students who have difficulty saying the /r/ sound. This is considered a communication disability, as it frequently impacts how well a person is understood. That GIECO would make fun of someone with a disability is appalling. One of my student’s parents told me today that her child had recently seen the commercial during Saturday morning cartoons, and had been hurt and offended. I would not be surprised if this commercial does not result in a lawsuit. Word up, GEICO!

  • Nicole

    Rebecca I completely agree with you, it should be taken off the air! My son has mulitple disabilities including speech problems and I DO NOT find this commercial the least bit funny. I was quite offended the first time I saw it :(

  • Michael Mitchell, Therapist

    Looney tunes were the best. Good idea. Close animation. Unfortunate use of making fun of a speech disabilityto sell insurance. I wonder what an eight year old kid with difficulty saying “r” thinks about the ad?

  • Jon Hunter

    me me a freakin break! It’s a CARTOON that has been on for decades! I suppose you would boycott warner brothers or the wb network or saturday morning cartoons? get a life.

  • Shelby

    Who is the guy at the beginning of the Elmer Fudd & Walton Geico commercial imitating. He’s an old actor and this part was taken from an old TV show? It’s driving me crazy that I cannot remember.

  • Priscilla

    The guy in this cartoon looks like a Peter Jennings look-a-like.
    Does anyone agree?

  • Priscilla

    I meant the human guy in the commercial.

  • Michael

    I loved the commercial. I wish they would show it more. I think some people should laugh at things a little more instead of crying. I also have trouble pronouncing several words.

  • jill

    i don’t like them dissing the fudd at all and i don’t like that guy in the ad when he starts to speak i change the channel or turn down the volume

  • Michael

    I guess you really hate Bugs Bunny.

  • scott

    The guy in the commercial is Mike McGlone (the brothers mcmullen) and he’s imitating Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries.

  • B-b-b-b-illy B-b-b-b-athgate

    First, I always thought the human announcer reminded me of Rod Serling. Though I can see Robert Stack in there now, too.

    Second, who gives a rat’s patoot about professional people’s opinions? Who are you people; our overlords?

    Honestly, instead of trying to chip away at bits of our American culture, why don’t you teach your clients to learn to deal with society’s use of their issues in humor?

    It’s going to get to the point to where there is no nuance or flavor at all in what we do, say or think. You may think characters like Fudd are mean spirited and ignorant, but you, my fine professional friends, are mind controlling gas bags who seek to escape the world rather than live in it.

  • Michael

    Billy I guess Geico does. They quit playing the commerical. These people threaten law suits and we pay.

  • JJ

    I agree with Billy Bathgate. I too have a slight speech disability but still chuckle every time the commercial is played. Elmer Fudd has been around forever (to me anyway), why cancel the ad when it seems the majority of the viewers are enjoying it? It’s a freakin cartoon commercial, get over it.

  • Michael

    Is Geico listening? We want to see this commerical.

  • Shelley

    Well said Billy!

    So sad…there are always people out there to overthink these things. Are we really a society of people who can’t laugh at ourselves? Are we really striving to be so PC that we can’t appreciate the humor behind poking fun at a long time loved cartoon character? Who hasn’t at some time in their lives chuckled when they hear ‘waskely wabbits’?

    I just came to this site trying to find out who the actor is at the beginning of the ads (thanks Scott) and was appalled to see some of these posts.
    If you’re one of those people who want to disect the technical end of the spots, that’s great. I don’t look at them that way – I just enjoy (or don’t) a commercial based on it’s content. I don’t know enough about production to analyze that end of it.
    But if you just want to complain because something is a little off color or might hurt your sensitive nature all I can tell you is BUCK UP!
    My son has a speech problem and laughs hysterically at Elmer. It’s all about your approach to life. My other son is very tall – should he be offended by the Ed Too Tall Jones spot? Good Lord that is pathetic!
    The new commercials are much better than the money w/ eyeballs! And yes, I downloaded the Ring a Ding ringtone from their other commercial. And the cavemen crack me up! Serously, maybe my humor is out there but I think the Geico people have got it figured out – maybe the could teach those Swiffer people something – their spots are annoying!

    Lighten up people. It’s 15 seconds to get your attention and it works! And The Walton’s did take way too long to say goodnight! LOL

    And Michael, don’t worry, they haven’t caved…the Elmer Fudd commercial is still rolling. It’s actually the one I just saw that sent me on my fact finding mission that led me here. Hooray!

  • Michael

    Very well said, Shelley.
    You are right. I seen the commerical right after I made that comment. Do you think Gieco is reading this?

  • Mike McGlone

    Does anyone actually believe they’ll save 15% with Geico? Is Geico trying too hard to be funny?

  • John

    I think he (McGlone) does a mean Bill Curtis.

  • jrp61356

    Agree with several posts about the “sensitivity” thing. Does this mean that anyone who plays a fiddle less proficiently than Charlie Daniels should be offended? Should anyone shorter than “Too Tall” Jones (which would include virtually everyone) get all worked up over this?

    It’s a cartoon (and a very good one, too!). And I also agree that this is light-years better than the ignorant “eye-ball money” promotion.

  • Thomas

    I’ve been very curious, but have not seen anyone else address same, but who plays the voice of the director in the cartoon trying to correct Elmer? The only reason why I ask, is that it sounds quite a bit like Eli Roth, but I had a hard time believing that he would pencil out the time to do the commercial. However, at the same time I know how much he loves animation what with the Rotten Fruit and all that, so if anyone knows…helps me out!

  • Larry Freeman

    To Scott.

    How do I get in contact with Mike McGlone, the human in the Geico commercial? I might have a job for him. You can call me if you wish,
    I’m at 916-652-3000. Thank you very much for your help.

  • To the bland and humorless:

    Are you the same people who think EVERYONE should be picked for the team, win a prize and be applauded because NO ONE should ever have to suffer humiliation, disappointment or rejection? Guess what…we ALL have our disabilities…we are ALL imperfect and life isn’t always warm and fuzzy just because we want it to be. The other side of the comedy coin is tragedy. Why can’t we teach our kids that we are all different…some of us talk funny, some of us look funny, some of us walk funny (Are you going to get rid of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, too?) and some of us smell funny. And it really isn’t funny if it isn’t just a little bit tragic at the same time. Lighten up!!! In my opinion political correctness has its place…but I think some people take it WAY too far. In griping about Elmer Fudd, these people are actually putting MORE emphasis on the disabilities their children, patients…whatever have! Teach them to laugh…not whine! Good grief, how did my generation survive without someone always swooping down to make sure no one offended us?

  • I’m pretty sure the guy is not fully imitating robert stack but an actor from the 50’s or 60’s and the only thing I can remember him in is a movie about a scientist that develops a fourth dimension machine. First he’s able to pass his hand through a box and then he does his whole body and can walk thru walls but does it too many times and can’t come back. Really bugging me.

  • Helen Baker

    The guy in the beginning of the Elmer Fudd commercial looks like he’s trying to be George Fenneman, announcer for the Groucho Marx show”You bet your life”. That show goes way back to the fifties or sixties.

  • Just looked up an old twilight zone show about a man that falls in love with a woman just before he’s about to go into space on a 40 year trip is supposed to be put into experimental suspended animation.
    The name of the announcer is Robert Lansing. He diedin 84? and the name of the movie I was thinking of was “4-D Man”.
    Boy, it’s hell when something sticks in your head like that and you can’t remember it.

  • What is the world turning to? There are experts on everything who want to impose their worldview on others. For example, I am a bald man and I enjoy bald jokes. In addition, I am a short man with a disproportionately large head. Want to make fun of me? Who cares!

    It is sickening to listen to and read all the nonsense about what one should not do or do.

    I love Elmer Fudd/Geico commercial!