Fling Fling


Not quite as enchanted as Enchanted, this new Fling chocolate bar spot, from Australia, aimed at “self-assured women in their 20s-30s”, is a nice homage to/swipe at Disneyland fairy tales. The animation was done at Sydney’s Mad Cow Pictures, whose staff includes many ex-Disney Animation Australia (aka Disneytoon Studios) personnel.

(Thanks, Tom Dougherty)

  • Aaron

    The animation may be rougher, but I found that much more amusing than any of the Enchanted footage I’ve seen.

  • excellent! great acting.

  • Jim C.

    The tune they sing at the end to the words “forever is overrated” is almost exactly the same as “a dream is a wish your heart makes”. Short enough to come in under fair use, I’d guess, if not as parody.

  • Andrew

    I particularly liked the animation of the Prince glancing behind him, almost as if the birds were giving him advice. And when he fell down the stairs. :)

    What stations is this airing?

  • Boy, you can tell Cinderella 3 was the last project we worked on, the model still lingers.. ;)

    Ex-Disney Sydneys UNITE, Go Trenbirth!!

  • Dock Miles

    Remember, guys, beware even the slightest roll of the eyes from the gal when you say “I’ve had a great time.”

    Very funny. The contrasts with the costumes, settings and mannerisms carried off with a light touch.

    I would comment about the phallic imagery of the Fling bars, but that would make me as bad as David Michaelis.

  • This was very tough to design, mostly trying to make it as less like Disney as possible. Client was very firm on wanting it to look like the Disney style of the early 50s, it was a very fine line we had to tread to keep the lawyers and client happy.

    The tune was tacked on later after we finished our end.

  • Christopher Olson

    I took a look at i at work with the sound off, and yet I was completely able to read the peformances of the characters. Good work.

  • red pill junkie

    Mark, you guys did a terrific job! :-)

  • Zach

    The acting, as everyone has commented on, is what makes the whole thing work. I doubt ‘Enchanted’ will be this funny.

    I love how I can keep watching this over and over and still get enjoyment out of it.

  • tom

    This is so excellent. I’ve watched it a dozen times. I wish we could see a whole series of these at the very least. Beautiful work.

  • Good acting, yes; but that over the shoulder shot of the hand holding the bar needs some motion, just the cut-out hand moving cheapens the whole spot.

  • Hooper

    I love this spot, too! Although I can’t help but feel that its as heavily rotoscoped as a (recent) Don Bluth movie!

  • (Singing) “Some day, My Prince will leave…”

    So promiscuity sells candy down under, eh?

    Good on yer!

  • Tom Pope

    Very classy spot, but I agree wqith the above comment about the over-the-shoulder shot. The limited anmation stands out against otherwise nice work.

  • Keith Bryant

    And so friends, be sure to buy Fling. That’s Fling, the candy for one night stands.

  • dan

    If it is rotoscoped it’s done very well (I suspected that also). This is very funny. I love that little double take as she blows him off. It would have made a great short film. I also admire that “fine line” of authenticity you tredded, it was perfect.