Geico’s New Cavemen Geico’s New Cavemen

Geico’s New Cavemen

Geico’s latest spots for car insurance use a new but familiar group of cavemen: The Flintstones. Brandweek has more details about the campaign.

(Thanks, Dai Kun)

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  • Bedrock currency was clams, yes? 8)

  • *laughing hysterically*

    That’s probably one of the BEST Geico commercials EVER!! Better than the lizard and those OTHER cavemen, who have their own series now…(which won’t last more than a week)

  • EdB

    Scroll the bottom of the You-Tube pane and select the next Flintstones Geico spot titled, “Not For Air”. Worth a look.

  • Geico’s been making funny commercials since forever. But I love how every few months, they change the theme of the commercials.

  • This reminded me of one of my favorite ” Harvey Birdman ” episodes.
    The one where they spoofed the Sopranos using Fred as Tony, etc.
    Funny stuff.

  • Mr. Semaj

    Geico is very good at making clever advertisements. This new one just continues the trend.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Scroll the bottom of the You-Tube pane and select the next Flintstones Geico spot titled, “Not For Air�. Worth a look.

    Technically that was an Adult Swim joke I saw a year or so ago (making fun of outtakes I assume).

    I’ve seen the Geico ad early last week and thought it was OK, but usually I don’t for watching ads much anymore. It sorta borrows from the type of ads they’ve done in the past using a parody of shows but stick in the Geico plug near the end. The only thing different here I thought was the moment of silence before the Geico logo shows up, but that’s about it.

  • Yes, yes, YES! Liked to died when I caught it on the tube!!

    I just hope no one finds it “racist,” “sexist” or anything else stupid like that!

  • Quiet_Desperation

    It’s so great the first time you see it because you can’t imagine where the hell it is going. I thought it was an ad for Boomerang initially.

  • tom

    Between the Geico ads and the Jack in the Box campaign I have no need for ‘real’ TV at all. Nice job.

  • Marc Baker

    I’m sorry, but i hate Geico commercials with a passion. They seem so stupid, and redundant to me. I can never understand their appeal, or popularity. Maybe i’m in the minority, here.