German Car Commercials starring Tom & Jerry German Car Commercials starring Tom & Jerry

German Car Commercials starring Tom & Jerry

In case you were wondering what Tom & Jerry were doing:

Here they are selling cars – in Germany! I’m sorry, but these commercials from 1994 don’t quite recapture the Hanna Barbera magic (except the last one using vintage clips from MGM cartoons), but I certainly encourage the use of classic cartoon stars selling products aimed at adults (as opposed to toys, sugared cereals and vitamins).

(Thanks Andrew J. Lederer)

  • the fake orchestrations in these trying to sound like the classic brass Tom and Jerry music are really…..:(

    these are much nicer on MUTE

  • Yikes, a lot of Jerry’s animation there looked awkwardly rotoscoped, but I could be wrong.

    There was a far better car commercial for Ford starring Tom & jerry more recently: Does a far better job of capturing the style of the old toons while also having them interact with live action. I love the fact that they smash their way out of the TV.

  • Wow! Quite a pretty commercial, tho!! It’s a little harsh, tho, to see them in a 90s look…and then, in 1 breath, show them as they looked in 1940, and then the 50s…all in 1 ad!!

    I am glad, however, that Jerry got laid!

  • Gagaman – that’s MUCH nicer.

  • Tom Pope

    I immediately thought of a couple of commercials for Opel starring the Flintstones that I worked on at Baer in ’94. They’re on YouTube and hold up pretty well (at least I think so.) They must have been part of a “classic cartoon” campaign. Not sure how to link.

  • Their okay. They certainly look a lot better than what they became in the 1950’s. I used to watch them all the time, and looking at them now, I can’t believe how nihilistic Tom and Jerry are.

  • Tom Pope:

    Just post the url in the body of your post.


    Ich mag es, es bin sehr gut! IMagnificant! Nichts besser!

  • Tom Pope

    Here’s the Flintsones link.

  • Thank you, Tom!! That is terriff!! It’s quite odd (yet so appealing to the eyes) to see them (all) in full animation!! With shadowing, yet! Thanx!

  • Tom Pope

    Uncle Wayne, I’m pleased to say I am largely responsible for the shadowing.

  • Andreas

    Ha ha, The Corsa commercials brings back memories of my trip to Germany in 1995. That was our rental car for two weeks. It cruised easily at 90mph.

    Never could get used to the more modern renderings of Tom & Jerry.

  • Jerry’s a bit of a player in these! Keeps one girl back in the mouse hole, and leaves town to rendezvous with another. And by the end, he’s making out with Tom. Geez!

  • crystal

    hey, someone of you knows an old television ad featuring Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner sponsoring a Nissan car model called Micra Matic Junior?

    The year of that ad was circa 1999…who knows more about it will receive a prize =) …

  • red pill junkie

    Hey, I remember seeing those Flintstones commercials back in the 90s. And yes, they’re still awesome :-)

  • Wow; that first add is an almost verbatim remake of a 1990 Yokohama Tires ad, which won a gold Bessie and got Honorable Mention at Cannes. I quite liked that ad growing up. You can see it here:

    I agree with the Gagaman; the performance in the UK Tom and Jerry ad seems much more in character.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    At least the animation in those T&J ads weren’t anything like that one for some Israeli milk brand that opted for CGI (it’s been brought up here last year I think). :-)

    And while we’re on the subject, here’s a a few Japanese ads featuring our duo plugging their fine products…