<em>Get Him to the Greek</em> Commercial <em>Get Him to the Greek</em> Commercial

Get Him to the Greek Commercial

Get Him to the Greek is a live-action film that will be released in a few days. I don’t know anything about the film, but they’ve got this entertaining animated commercial to promote the film. Anybody know the credits for this spot? They deserve some recognition. And why doesn’t the movie studio have a nice version of this spot on-line? Rarely do I see animation this attractive in TV advertising nowadays.

UPDATE: A hi-res and extended one-minute version of the spot has been posted to Facebook.

Studio: Titmouse Inc
Director: Mike Moloney
Animator: Griffith Kimmins
Clean-up: Megan Dong

  • Mike!

    That was awesome!

  • That was amazing, definitely want to know more about who made this.

  • That’s awesome! The movie is pretty funny, too!

  • FP

    It’s an early-70s time-warp.

  • vineet

    was that a CRT tv?? the spot looks super cool tho :)

  • hannah

    This definitely reminds me of SuperJail

  • Jessie

    My friend mike moloney directed it at titmouse Inc. His blog is hobofish (blogspot)

  • Zach B.

    Hey, I put this up on my FaceBook. No idea where its from, I saw it on Adult Swim.

  • that was amazing!

  • rebecca

    its from the guys who directed forgetting sarah marshal. its about the trials and tribulations of getting an over exposed under talented english rock star Aldous Snow (from forgetting sarah marshal played by Russell Brand) to The Greek (music stadium where the rolling stones have played in the past). It sounds a bit pooh but the trailer looks better than what the movie is probably going to be.

  • Great looking ad! It partially reminds me of Peter Chung’s work. But it its inviting enough to make curious about the actual movie.

  • Loving Titmouse Inc. like I do, seeing this commercial and knowing who made it now is quite pleasing.

  • Mike3

    Yup, that was pretty awesome. Well done guys, great work :)

  • BL

    great job Mike! you’re the director for a reason!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    …the trailer looks better than what the movie is probably going to be.

    That would be my guess, too. It seems like an update of My Favorite Year, sort of.

    I’m not too familiar with Russell Brand, alleged comic. I saw him for the first time in the recent Monty Python documentary on IFC, where his incoherent psychobabble was literally excruciating to listen to. Eventually, I gave up and just fast-forwarded every time he appeared onscreen. (It’s hard enough listening to articulate people mangle Python routines from memory.) It’ll take more than a clever cartoon promo to get me to plunk down cold hard $ to see that guy.

  • Wow! I’m so glad everyone liked this video!! Thanks so much Brew for posting this! It’s such a compliment that someone would video tape the commercial and than post it online! That’s so awesome!

    We made it at Titmouse with Grif Kimmins animating http://sordfin.blogspot.com/ and Megan Dong doing clean up http://sketchshark.blogspot.com/ Big thanks to Chris P. and Shannon for letting us have fun. So many young animators want to prove themselves and be creative professionally, Titmouse is one of the few places where you get that chance. We also made a minute long version which has much better pacing, it will be on the dvd and hopefully Adult Swim will post it online! Everything was done in flash, no puppets!

    Thanks again Brew, it’s such a nice feeling to be complimented on something you put your heart into.

  • Dave Knott

    Mike! Look at you go! Proud of you, man!

  • Hal

    Now this is more like it! Titmouse continues to be one of the best 2d studios out there – maybe now CB will give METALOCALYPSE some much deserved love? I’m shocked this is just a TV ad for Adult Swim – it would be fantastic in the feature as a throwback to great 2d animated title/credit sequences.

  • matthew moody

    who plays that song?