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“Good Books – Metamorphosis” by Buck

Bi-coastal (NY & LA) commercial shop Buck produced and directed this spectacular 2-1/2 minute spot for online bookseller Good Books. And if you think the piece feels familiarly gonzo, that was intentional. Buck posted this disclaimer at the end of the film:

DISCLAIMER: What you will see is an entirely fictional and completely unendorsed representation. (Though we humbly suggest Hunter S Thompson might have liked it.) We are devoted fans paying homage. No disrespect is intended.

Credits after the jump.
Directed by: BUCK

Creative Director:
Ryan Honey

Executive Producer:
Maurie Enochson

Nick Terzich

Alyssa Evans

Emily Rickard

Ben Tucker

Associate Creative Director:
Joshua Harvey

CG Supervisor:
Doug Wilkinson

Animation Director:
Steve Day

Art Director:
Joe Mullen

Joshua Harvey

Joe Mullen

George Fuentes

Trevor Conrad

Jenny Ko
Jon Gorman

2D Animators:
Joe Mullen

Harry Teitelman

John MacFarlane

Jamal Otolorin

Joshua Harvey

William Trebutien

Matt Everton

Taik Lee

Tristan Balos

Regis Camargo

Kendra Ryan

George Fuentes

Trevor Conrad

Jahmad Rollins

Matthew Wade

3D Artists:
Jens Lindgren

Timm Wagener

Kai Wang

Joao Rema

Albert Omoss

Joshua Harvey

Christine Li

Kelsey Charlton

Ana Luisa Santos

Nick Forshee

Alex Perry

Joshua Harvey

Joe Mullen

Moses Journey

Matt Lavoy

Jenny Ko

Helen Hsu

Elizabeth Steinberg

Adam Smith

Music and Sound Design:

Voiceover Artist:
Thor Erickson

Voiceover Recording:
Post Audio Labs

  • Rodrigo

    That was terrific!!

    I hope they post a production blog or something, is quite good!

    • Much Thanks Rodrigo,
      One of the most artistically fulfilling projects I’ve been apart of in awhile.

      Not quite a production blog, but still very insightful to how Buck crafted the piece. Enjoy: http://vimeo.com/39021151

  • Really good. It’s amazing to see how many people and different techniques work behind the screen, when the overall style is so nicely homogenuous.

    The voice over, however, sucked. Too long, and a much too young sounding voice. No atmosphere for me, but just a distraction.

  • Not a boring millisecond :)
    Narrator is spot on.

  • One word – absolutely brilliant. Make that two words.

  • my neighbour downstairs just called to complaint abt the jaw hanging on their ceiling.

  • Love the limited palette. The whole thing was just awesome.

  • “all profits to charity”
    Let’s hope some of the profits go to these fine artists.

  • Martin

    well, there goes my weekend… cause I’ll be watching and rewatching and watching again and again..

    gonna make myself a cup of tea

  • tomm

    amazing , perfection. so rewatchable. and rewatchable…

  • alan

    WOWZA. That was fantastic. Super slick but still had a lovely handcrafted feel.

  • pat

    Gorgeous animation.

    Side comment on “goodbooks” (all profits to charity? It may depend on how they define “profits.”)

    It reminds me of a scammy section of the book trade inhabited by book businesses posing as charities, but often criticized for being bad and harmful at both.

    I don’t have the time to look up this one beyond finding possible caveats. Like: “Our distributor: To create Good Books we teamed up with an international book distributor: The Paperback Shop UK.” Hmmm…