“Good Night” by David Prosser “Good Night” by David Prosser

“Good Night” by David Prosser

New from London’s Studio AKA is this spot for Statoil, the Norwegian energy company. David Prosser designed and directed, seamlessly blending live action into gorgeous CG animation, telling the tale of a father and his daughter at storytime. The 60 second spot is titled Good Night. More about it here.

  • Peter Wassink

    Beautifull piece!
    Too bad though its for such a pure propaganda purpose.

    I really love the sea troll.
    In a truer script it would turn out that the Troll is really daddy(humanity) himself who is destroying earths resources.

  • Notice how nature is posited as horrible monsters, trying to hurt Daddy. The animation is cute.

  • Mike Cagle

    “It almost can’t be done” … until, pretty soon, it can’t be done.