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Google Wallet by Wolfberg

I first saw this ad on Vimeo and by the time the cards started bouncing around in the “cloud,” I was convinced it was a parody of Google’s products. Well, after further research, it turns out that this is a real advertisement for an official Google product. It’s from the directing duo Wolfberg. While of dubious effectiveness as an ad, it strikes me as a superb example of photorealistic computer animation that is both inventive and fun to watch.

(via Motionographer)

  • Wow, this almost looks stop-motion at times: it’s very effective CGI

  • Wow, that does not look like CG at all. Or even like stop-motion – they did a great job of the physics modeling on that.

    Google Wallet itself has been around forever but it hasn’t had any serious uptake, due to a variety of factors (mostly that the hardware support isn’t there in most phones, but even when it is there it’s pretty dang cumbersome to use for no immediately-perceptible benefit to the user OR the store), but I’m sure Google have sunk so much money into it that they’re trying desperately to get more customers for it. I’m not sure whether this ad will be successful at it.

  • brownbox

    This looks like it was mostly shot with a real camera with some CGI post production work composited over it. Do my eyes deceive me? Great work in any case!

  • Guest

    Are you joking. I can even see the strings. It’s puppeteering, great job.

    • jonhanson

      Theoretically they could have added the strings for effect.

      The more I watch it the more I’m not quite sure whether it’s CG or not, though I’m still sort of leaning towards some combination.

  • It’s certainly not CG. But great and fun puppeteering.

    • AmidAmidi

      The problem with photorealistic CG is that it’s photorealistic. Nothing about the images or construction of the shots looks puppeteered to me.

      • Tim Drage

        Did you watch it in 1080 HD? Nothing in this looks at all like photorealistic CG except for obvious effects stuff like the lightning/electricity and probably some compositing cheats for in the transitions/ending.

      • OtherDan

        And, why is that a problem Amid? I think it works great whether it’s CG or practical. The final shot looks CG to me as well as some of the motion and lighting effects. I was trying to study the textures and weight of the objects-like the key hanging on the string, etc…I’m pretty sure it was practical animation with minimal CG. All the strings seemed appropriately placed. If not, all the more impressive! I’d much rather see photorealism with objects than humans-like that test footage you guys posted recently. It makes more sense to do and is less creepy than replacing people with virtual people.