Guitar Hero II spot by Pete Candeland

Guitar Hero II spot by Pete Candeland

Gorillaz animation director Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures has turned out a visually stunning spot for the videogame Guitar Hero II. It would have been even better if the animation of the guitar playing had been more closely timed to the music, but the superb drawing and movement of the two main characters, not to mention great inking style, makes this spot a winner.

(Thanks, Aaron)

UPDATE: Dany points out in the comments that this spot was animated by Robert Valley who has a blog here.

  • dany

    nothing against pete – he’s a great guy and a swell director – but the animation on this one was by robert valley. more rob work available for view here:
    and here

  • chuck

    Both Robert and Pete are amazing talents and it’s always a pleasure to see their work either solo or in collaboration.

  • Alan Cook

    I believe Alberto Mielgo also worked on this commercial in some capacity.

    His blog is here.

  • Elliot

    My pal Paul McKeown also contributed animation to this production.

  • doug holverson

    This is something that they should have done for Heavy Metal the Movie. Better fit (lives up to the title!) and execution than what did make it in….

  • Floyd Bishop

    This is a great spot. It’s a shame that the game doesn’t share the same high quality visuals.

  • John A

    Speaking of The Heavy Metal Movie, it’s about time someone tried to revisit that concept–the world of animation has progressed a lot since 1980. (I’m not going to count the “sequel” that was made for video a few years back) But there should some interest in putting together an anthology of adult themed sci-fi (theatrical) cartoons. As they used to say way back when, “We have the technology…”

  • ZekeySpaceyLizard

    “But there should some interest in putting together an anthology of adult themed sci-fi (theatrical) cartoons. As they used to say way back when, “We have the technology…â€?

    That would kick butt. These days with more scifi cartoons being made more than ever, it will probably happen eventually.

  • fluffy

    I saw this ad while skipping commercials on my DVR the other day and it was actually visually interesting enough that I went back, JUST TO WATCH THE COMMERCIAL. And it actually made me kinda want an XBox 360. That’s how ads should be – compelling and entertaining and something that bulids interest in a product, not something that antagonizes the viewer.

  • Tom

    Is this the same guy who did that really great Tizer soft drink commercial in the UK? The one with the orangoutan?

  • robert valley

    hmmm…I was wondering why everyone thought I animated that whole spot. It might be a bit late to add to this thread, but just for the sake of clarity, several of us were busily animating that spot. At the end of the day, it was Pete’s spot. He was the guy staying up all night working when we were in the pub.