Haagen-Dazs and Psyop Save Honeybees Haagen-Dazs and Psyop Save Honeybees

Haagen-Dazs and Psyop Save Honeybees

Apparently, all the important causes that a corporation could pretend to care about have already been snatched up, so ice cream manufacturer Haagen-Dazs got stuck with saving honeybees. The operatic CG spot that promotes the campaign was created by Psyop:

  • From the front page of the website: “Honey bees are responsible for pollinating one third of all the foods we eat.”

    Yep, that sure is some frivolous philanthropic enterprise there, Amid. Nothing about that relevant to our modern world. No kind of scary stories in the news about global food prices sky rocketing or anything.

  • Chris L

    That’s a pretty terrible ad.

    It’s true, though, they are dying off. They might’ve been better off saying “humanity relies on honeybees for much of its food” rather than “we rely on them for many of our ingredients.” Packs a lot more punch.

  • Luke

    Yeah, I think there’s some talk about mass extinction. Starts with the bees then the plants they pollinate, then anything that uses plants for food. And despite appearances we do use plants for food.

  • JB

    Yea, as mentioned above, the extinction of bees is actually a very serious problem. It’s up there with the biggest crises humans face today. I fully agree with you Chris… they make it sound as if there will be a little less flavourful food once they’re gone but in fact all crops that are not pollinated by wind will go with the bees. I do commend them for bringing it to light though. It’s a legitimate concern.

    As far as the ad goes, nice concept but it could have used a little more impetus… for example a microscopic view of the bacteria (which is killing the bees) busy wreaking havoc or something, rather than a gust of wind blowing it away… That’s how I would have done it anyway ;p

  • Well, there ARE other pollinators other than honeybees, but yeah, they’re certainly by far the most important to the ecosystem. I also think they’ve vastly understated the impact (and done themselves and the issue a great disservice) by just making it sound like a “save our product” initiative.

  • Jed

    Amid, I want to comment that the mass demise of honeybees is no joking matter, but I am happy to see several others have already corrected you. I would edit your post–otherwise you’re promoting the idea that this is some trivial cause not worth anyone’s time.

  • The Bee Movie has left us all scarred.

  • chris

    I heard a few months ago that bees were dying off at some staggering rate and it’s actually some huge concern. I’m not sure why, but obviously since they make honey and pollenate flowers and whatnot, it could have severe impact on farming and possible other economic disasters.

    Not only that, but there is no clue as to why they are dying, which is disturbing in itself. Also, since bees are important to the cycle of plant life, there could be some serious implications for life on the planet as a whole.

  • Does it make me a bad person if I laughed when the bee got knocked off the flower?

  • The bee problem also directly affects fruit prices, ergo the company’s interest in the issue.

  • Oh my Christ!
    When I saw this ad, I thought I’d be the only one to see the audacity of this ad. Alright, granted…we need honey for many of our products…but it shouldn’t be the major issue right now.

    Ah, what the hell…why not?
    Screw trying to contribute money to AIDS, CANCER, HEPATITIS or WORLD HUNGER. . . . let’s save the bees so we don’t go to into an economic crisis.

  • Esn

    Well, Felicia Spano, “saving the bees” and “WORLD HUNGER” are actually rather connected causes… read the other comments…


    ~GOD!~ I’m so going out and getting some Hagen-das!!!!

  • I’m not trying to appear ignorant or stupid, Esn. I’m speaking of the corporation and the commercial itself. I realize that this a serious problem, but their goal isn’t “saving honeybees” as much as it is self-promotion by hiding behind the facade of charity.

    I DO realize the correlation between honeybees and world hunger. I realize that cross pollination is incredibly serious. However, I do stand by the fact that there are more important matters at hand. Pardon me if I sound like a stupid right-wing Republic (which I am NOT), but I honestly believe that this problem will be alleviated more than what others are saying. Granted, HOW we choose to solve the problem won’t be in the healthiest or even the most cost effective of options, but that goes for any issue. I just hate companies that choose to stand up for a cause in order to advertise their product.

    The Dove “Campaign for Beauty” bothers me because most of their ads consist of models and their logo is slapped on everything these supposedly average looking women say.

    I’ll say no more on this issue. I apologize if I irritated you in any way. That’s just how I feel and I hope we can just agree to disagree.

  • aatish

    “However, I do stand by the fact that there are more important matters at hand. […] but I honestly believe that this problem will be alleviated more than what others are saying.”

    Since when was fact based in honest beliefs? I for one am glad that HD is raising awareness about an important issue and helping to fund research. Though I do agree that it’s unclear how much money is being donated by HD to research. It may well be that they are capitalizing on the feel-good factor on buying their new ‘bee-friendly’ flavor of ice cream.

    You must appreciate, though, that companies have little incentive to be charitable without at least advertising it.

  • H

    Does any one know the name of the song in this ad?