Hanna-Barbera Anti-Drug PSA Hanna-Barbera Anti-Drug PSA

Hanna-Barbera Anti-Drug PSA

When Scooby-Doo met Peter Max…

  • Charlie

    I wish when I smoked weed crazy stuff like that would happen. All I get is kinda hungry and the urge to watch Venture Brothers.

  • Saturnome

    If only drugs were that groovy!

  • Celia

    I wonder how many “scooby snacks” were consumed for the making of that PSA?

  • Tissa Tack

    What the….? ….. I don’t know if the Scooby Doo music made this hilarious or even more terrifying…

  • Gerard de Souza

    That running scramble before he gets pulled in reminds me of Ryan Larkin’s Walking; the foreshortening and the drawing.

  • Zoinks!

  • The walk Cycle in 0:25 is terrible, probably the animator didn’t believe in what he drew

  • “I would have had a great trip, too–if it wasn’t for you meddling kids…”

  • J.G. Franklin

    I’ll bet Robert “Tiger” West did the xerography on this thing.

  • Fausto

    Wow, that’s one trippy PSA

  • I would think that would be a very effective anti-drug ad — Hanna-Barbera makes taking drugs look really, really boring.

  • Carlos

    Some cool animation there. Reminds me of the Cartoon All-Stars from years back. So many characters saying words I never thought they’d say…
    Weren’t they working on a newer version?

  • Richard

    Scooby “Doobie” Doo!

    (I know, it’s not original – but it sorta works)!

  • dan

    Man, now I want to spark up after watching that.

  • Stan

    It was curious how Disney’s creative overseer of the day hired a talented artist who was known to have dropped a little acid to storyboard the ‘stoned’ sequence of “Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue”, which, as everyone knows, completely eradicated street drugs of every kind on earth.

  • Alas, this never convinced Shaggy to quit his vice

  • butmess

    I have seen worse.

    Does anybody remember the
    “Why do you think they call
    it dope” animated tv spots?

  • butmess–

    I remember those “Dope” spots. They look as if Filmation had made them.

    The H-B one seems to have a subtext of “If you do drugs, you’ll turn into a ‘Scooby-Doo’ villain.”

    Don’t do drugs, just spent all day watching TV and eating Corn Curls.

  • Amazing. It’s some of the best animation I’ve ever seen from Hanna Barbera (which is typically really choppy).

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Josh Zapin
    Zingerding.com, the Internet’s Funny Pages (http://www.zingerding.com)

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  • whats hilarious is, that this is a masterpiece compared to hanna barbera television at the time XD

  • The BRAIN

    It looks too SATANIC to be a Hanna-Barbera production

  • The BRAIN

    Ah… and I also wonder if this ad really inspired the video-hoax “Obey Da Walrus”. The characters and the contain of the PSA are so terrifying like the Goddess Bunny’s tap dance in ODW.

  • Paul Jones

    Great…..”Today, Scooby Doo meets Jack Webb.”