Help This Unemployed CG Character Help This Unemployed CG Character

Help This Unemployed CG Character

Manchester-based vfx house AHD Imaging created this timely and clever Internet viral for the holidays:

“AHD168 is a computer generated robot who was written out of a TV advert due to credit crunched budgetary constraints. AHD168 now spends his days wandering the streets looking for a meaningful role in an animated TV project.”

(Thanks, Aaron Bynum)

  • Chuck R.

    Very funny. One of many excellent links you’ve posted this month, Amid.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  • It’s too bad AHD can’t move ahead with this on their own, I like where this is going, it’s very original. Outside money might water it down.

    You’re really giving us a lot of gifts lately, Amid. Thanks.

  • “AHD168 now spends his days wandering the streets looking for a meaningful role in an animated TV project.”

    Wow, now the computers have even taken that away?

    First my job in animation was replaced by a computer.

    Now my pathetic wandering the streets looking for a meaningful role in an animated project has been replaced by a computer , too ?!

    I don’t get no respect, no respect at all .

    -Mr. Pencil

  • Hahahaha! Also very well animated. Personally I’d like to see him stick it to the Man and leave commercial art altogether. There’s a whole ‘nother world out there, AHD168!

  • Destin

    Gosh, I don’t know. I’m working on a big-budget CGI movie right now, and I’d love to keep adding extraneous characters with incongruous designs in order to beef up the cast for the tie-in video game(s). But just going by this clip, I can’t be sure his voice actor is an A-list movie or Disney star who’s never done voiceover work before.

    Do you have anything in more of a Zack and/or Cody?

  • Dash

    He should be drinking motor oil.

  • Nice animation man! Plus its actually funny, which is a rarity in cg.

    Nice to see a studio with a sense of humor too.

  • Fanriffic! If I had money I’d hire AHD in a heartbeat. Congrats to them.



  • Sean Carroll

    “Hi, We’re a new fx house who wish to jump on the corporate advertising bandwagon. Is it too late? We hope not, we’re desperate to sell whatever crap you want us to, really anything will do. Look, we can even do trendy live-action handheld shots and stick a robot in there, just like all the other fx companies. We’ve become so desperate to fill the world with distracting viral rubbish we made one ourselves with no brief and for free. That’s right.. but that’s not enough, now we’d like YOU to tell us what to do instead! Now, if you don’t mind getting oiled up, my pants are already at my ankles.”

  • Life! Don’t talk to me about life! ^_^

  • BAH! They’ve lifted my bit! is an online/animated/web comic about a homeless robot named edward. With music/voices/sfx/animation and awesomeness.

    I’ve been working on this homeless robot idea for a year or two now. My robot, Edward, drinks, smokes, steals, jumps in dumpsters and everything else homeless do. Theres a bigger story about the bad guy who runs the city and the hows and whys of Edward’s alcoholic ways.

    I truly enjoyed this video, though I had the idea first. I sure hope they don’t get any big ideas. Whatever, I’ma stil do what I do anyway.