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How Disney sold “Tangled”

Subliminal messages work everytime…

(Thanks, Jeaux Janovsky, via 9gag.com)

  • purin

    Mmm, and with bondage

  • damn

    They did that on Aladdin too… sex sells!

  • “M” in her legs
    “E” in her arms
    “N” in Maximus’ legs

    You can see the Playboy Bunny on the top of Maximus’s head and you can spell all sorts of stuff in his mane.

    If you are so inclined.

  • Floyd

    You guys are all nuts… Apophenia is a strong problem

    • anonimous

      i thought every one knew it…im wrong…or u r one of them?

  • NC

    All that’s missing is a castle with a phallic tower.

  • oh man

    They’ve been doing that ever since, I think, Little Mermaid.

    • Michael F.

      At least this doesn’t have a guy having an erection like in the movie.

      • pheslaki

        Wait, what?

      • whippersnapper

        They’re talking about the priest in the marriage scene in Little Mermaid. His knee is drawn sticking out weirdly and it looks like…well, you know.

      • rosa

        I believe Michael F is referring to the priest’s holy erection in Little Mermaid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InFLnzeQjWw

      • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


      • Sun

        The phallus on the cover of the Little Mermaid was better.

      • Andrew

        The Priest never had an erection. Turns out his knees were simply bent.

        Dont believe me? Look at the other shots of him in the scene.

  • Risa

    Man, it’s The Lion King all over again…

    • Vzk

      Well, that’s the circle of life.

  • Rufus

    Don’t forget the hair on the right side is in a naughty shape too!

  • I’m glad some traditions are always upheld.

  • Lindsay

    *gasp!* Just like the cloud of pollen Simba stirred up in TLK! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?! *hyperventilates*

  • Michel Van

    Tangeld, Aladdin and The Rescuers
    seems Disney stick too old habits…

  • Rule #34 has been quite vigorously evidenced in relationship to TANGLED. Check your local Google for assistance.

  • David Breneman

    Funny, I thought the hair wrapped around him spelled “NIXI.” You know, nixi. Heh, heh, heh…

  • NR

    That’s… really far fetched.

  • Gobo

    Please, please tell me you’re joking.

  • The hair nest poster was a dead giveaway.

  • Robert Schaad

    Whew! For a moment there, I thought they were going to suggest that we buy popcorn.

  • Guys, it clearly says SFX! What’s wrong with you?

  • Jeffers

    They named a character “Maximus” which already sounds like a brand of condom.

  • Kyle Maloney

    If you try hard enough you can see anything in virtually anything. Don’t become like this guy. haha


  • Mark

    That’s a bit of a stretch, isn’t it? I guess you see what you want to see.

  • Clement

    If I scroll up and down fast I see it everytime now I know it. It’s not random, some people get paid to include things like this one in posters and commercials.

    • tudza

      Yes of course you see it now that you know. That’s how it works.

      Same thing with the rubbishy non-sense about backwards lyrics. It’s utter gibberish until someone makes up words and then suddenly everyone can hear it.

  • Mina

    This is absolutely ridiculous, its just a flock of hair placed in around a character. it was probably by coincidence! This is too much of a stretch, i don’t see glen keane sitting there and critiquing how the hair is positioned. wow…really people…

    • Kyle Maloney

      “I don’t see glen keane sitting there and critiquing how the hair is positioned”

      Are you kidding me? I mean, I’m with you about him not putting the word in there, but critiquing how the hair was positioned was a large part of what he did while on the project. He was constantly telling the anim8ors what shapes looked best. I’d expect nothing less from the guy who animated the furry beast in B&TB.

  • rnigma

    Wilson Bryan Key is alive and well, it seems.

  • dbenson

    I keep seeing the name “NINA” . . .

    • Jeffrey

      Ha! Clever. No one here will get this.

  • Justin Delbert

    We’ve always heard that in some way there’s always a link to sex with any recent Disney movie. Aladdin had that “take off and go” line sounding like “take off your clothes” story. The Little Mermaid had the guy having a bonar rumor started and there wasva structure shaped like a penis as part of King Triton’s gold castle (I just saw a picture of it; tell your kids that it looks like a candle). One final tibit: It is a proven fact that men think of sex everyday; you are now just thinking about it by reading this sentence.

  • All this is, is hair around the character that’s it. I’m not sounding rude here, but don’t you guys even remember that Disney had been putting in hidden stuff in their animated films that have bound to get the studio into trouble? Although most of them have been just silly rumors, although some of them were revealed. There was the Lion king, Aladdin, The rescuers, and Little Mermaid. I think the Lion King took the most heat for Disney being in trouble.

    Then again, I have heard something about Roger Rabbit having a “not so clean” image of Jessica if you paused the film at the right moment.

  • I don’t see anything except a dumb replacement name for, “Rapunzel.”

  • Was My Face Red.

    Everytime I read these posts I keep finding the word ‘sex.’ Oh God, I think I have to run off and have sex now!


  • Steven M.

    Makes sense to me.

  • kenneth

    How come people don’t pick on Pixar movies this much??? I’m sure that if you really try hard, you’d find hidden “sex” symbols in those films… or should I say “sexism.”

  • Oh, for crying out loud! You’re kidding right?!

  • Alissa

    I get it now, Flynn represents Rapunzel’s budding sexuality, and the tower represents a chasity belt!

    /sarcasm. I really don’t see it.

  • AaronSch

    …some people have way too much time on their hands.

  • Aj

    Oh crap your right! and oh god she has breasts! and flynn probably want to see them! oh god!…. your really dumb

    • The Educated World

      ” you’re “

  • Dean Champagne

    I think that anyone here would have to admit that Rapunzel is hands down the sexiest Disney character since Jessica Rabbit. Why not sell the naughty little minx as such?

  • lolatyou

    OMG! If you replace the letters in ‘Tangled’ you can get the word ‘genital’, lets go make a post about it… I’m totally kidding don’t do that.

    You are taking things way too far, I’m sure there are sexual references in the actual movie but then again what isn’t a sexual reference these days. You can take anything you want and make it into a sexual reference. Such as “…docking the boat…” look it up –> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=docking+the+boat

  • maria montell

    Tsk tsk Disney…I thought the subliminal message got old after The Lion King. But I love the villain in Tangled


  • Ooh…even Super Mario Galaxy:


  • The CHip

    Who ever found this is a moron. Its like people who find peoples faces in a potato chip. Get a life.

  • Akbar

    subliminal messages

  • Jose





  • Seb

    So…. we have a woman tying a man up with her hair, and we are gonna worry about whether there’s a SUBLIMINAL message about sex?

  • Mirko

    You are all just sick people seeing sex and porn in everything. Go rent a porn or something and leave cartoons alone.. god.. do you go to cinema to see tangled to search for a sex pattern in a grass? If so then..


    • Robert Schaad

      I’d go to the cinema if you were protesting in front of the theater with a sign saying that…

  • Bruce Wright

    As long as you ignore the extra X at his shoulders… I guess you could imagine it spells anything.

    XVXI? Maybe it’s roman numerals.

    You know what they call a guy who sees “Sex” written in everything?

    ….a pervert!

  • Mapache

    C’mmon carton brew staff. You are better than this.

  • Rodrigo

    I’ve been in the anim industry for about 2 years, I’m 26, and the amount of virgins older than me that I’ve encountered kind of concerns me.

  • rghbr

    Rule 34 delivers more.

  • Jessica Britton

    No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney…

  • Joe G

    It’s just Disney’s little way of teaching kids about the birds and the bees.

  • I’ll have to agree with Rodrigo. In the old Disney days nobody had to contend with such silliness because everybody was getting some.

    Apparently, nobody is, these days.

    • Sardonic Tuba

      Too much OT. Not enough OPP.

  • sigh

    And all this time I was simply wondering if Rapunzel’s drapes matched her carpet.

  • Marie

    This is insane. You people have far too much time on your hands. There is no way those Animators at Disney have enough time to create all this. Get a life.

    • Uzair

      Disney has alot of cartoons nd movies that contains evil and Subliminal messages,they put it in such a way that you dont realize it yet it effects you in someway or another.this disney crap is made for (KIDS) and now just imagine how it can harm them…do you know tom and jerry? i bet u do, its meant for kids rite? tom and jerry always fight they use weapons like (hammers,bombs,sciscors,etc) they hit and bang each other but nothing happens to them…imagine what the child will think(be like monkey see and monkey do), u get ma point?…..Evil has been there all the time,Just see how disney works, to hypnotize peoplez minds…lettin children invoke unknwingly evil names without knwing that evil can harm and possess them,disney for (kids) lettin them see nude woman….that explains why the youth of today is so corrupt……but its not like you kids would get it,you think its just for entertainment,thats what the devil wants you to believe.

  • ken

    OMG, mother nature is in on the game too! She is trying to get us all to buy fluffy bunnies and sheep. Just look up in the sky at the clouds!


  • Etra

    I could be wrong, but I think Disney sells movies because they stick to predictable dramatic tropes, heteronormative stereotypes, pop-y music, attractive heros and heroines, adorable animlas, and active wish-fulfillment fantasy. Probably not because they hide illegible words in hair or dirt.

  • Soapy

    Really guys? Really?

  • Dave

    If I were a parent looking at this poster, I’d be a little more concerned about the fact that Rapunzel looks like she’s 12.

  • Yes, nothing gets a woman hot and bothered like when a man takes her out to see a DISNEY CARTOON. Trust me, guys, works every time…wink, wink.

  • Uzair

    Disney has alot of cartoons nd movies that contains evil and Subliminal messages,they put it in such a way that you dont realize it yet it effects you in someway or another.this disney crap is made for (KIDS) and now just imagine how it can harm them…do you know tom and jerry? i bet u do, its meant for kids rite? tom and jerry always fight they use weapons like (hammers,bombs,sciscors,etc) they hit and bang each other but nothing happens to them always there…imagine what the child will think,get ma point?

  • Saiya

    WOW I Think I just discovered why I like this movie tangled that much! Thanks ;)

  • Mike

    Yes, unlike some of you, I think Mr. Beck is correct. But nobody yet has discussed the significance of Maximus in this picture. The way he stands next to Rapunzel, with his head fully erect. You all should be quite aware of how long bonds have existed between women and horses. Or are you all………AFRAID…….. to mention this? (T. Hee ;)