Human Flipbook Human Flipbook

Human Flipbook

Animator Dustin Black and John Neerland recently completely a cable TV spot, for Northwest sandwich chain Erberts and Gerberts, in a technique they call a human flipbook.

150 T-shirts. 150 animated stills. A lot of ironing. Check the official website for a behind the scenes video.

  • That is just amazing. That takes really hard work.

  • Using t-shirts as an animating tool was a cool start. Using multiple shirt colors, holes and cuts in the fabric, and interaction with the live model makes it that much cooler. 4.5 out of five on the cool-factor scale.

  • This is very nice. The character is a bit small from so far away, but maybe that’s just the smaller web site of the ad. Nice stuff!

  • David

    The fireworks would’ve read better had they used dark shirts with white or painted effects for that section rather than black lines and the sandwich shop logo at the end should’ve been larger, because that’s the sponsor. Otherwise, very cool indeed. J. Stuart Blackton would be proud.

  • I’ve seen this on TV! I love Erbert & Gerbert’s. Great sandwiches, great atmosphere, and now great TV spots.

  • “The Voice of Dissent”

    Cool technique, but it really doesn’t do anything for the client and his product. Usually you want to hi-lite the product and this doesn’t really do anything to show us “sandwich and subs”. The worst thing is that you can’t even make out the clients logo. What good is a commercial if you can’t see who it is for?

    Fun technique, but it probably won’t do a whole lot for Erbert and Gerbert if no one can see their name.