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Introducing A Studio With Style


Style5 is a new Toronto-based company that has admirable ambitions: to offer advertisers animation with more adult sensibilities and an edgier illustrator-driven design approach. The operation is in the capable hands of Sam Chou (the studio’s creative director) and Chuck Gammage (exec producer). Gammage, a fine animator and director in his own right, is no stranger to the commercial world and already runs his own successful production studio Chuck Gammage Animation.

Style5 currently has a roster of six designers including Edel Rodriguez, Hobo Divine andRaymond Xu, and the studio is developing long-form projects to go along with its current slate of commercials, IDs and music videos. Their website,, offers some tantalizing examples of their work, and shows how they’re seamlessly blending contemporary hip-hop-influenced styles with solid classical animation principles.

  • So good. I’d LOVE to see a feature , or even a cool short in any of these styles.

  • Are the designers on their roster ones that they’ve animated – or are these artists exclusively represented by them ?

  • Bill Field

    What I’ve seen of their work is powerful — but, J.J.’s question is a good one — Is it like the relationship documented here recently between Chris Ware and his friend who actually produced the animation, or are the conceptors themselves animating?

  • In regards to your questions regarding the designers associated with Style5, they are freelance designers in their own right and can be contacted directly from the Style5 website. They are not exclusive even though we have worked together in the past. The animation work you see on the website was created either by the designer themselves or by our animation team at Style5. Most of the animation you see on the reel was created by Sam Chou himself. Hope this answers your questions, if not feel free to contact us directly through the website.

  • Chuck Rekow

    Sam Chou is an amazing talent. I’d like to see a complete film as well.
    Good work!

  • Bill Field

    Chuck– all I can say about your own site is – (sound of eyes leaving sockets)! The Listerine Ad is, well, like a battle between RAID! (the mancan)VS Calgonite’s Stainmaker. Terrific! — as are all your other REEL pieces on your site. I’m not easily impressed, but you bowled this Cartoon-Ad Director over — the pace music and dynamic, almost Jack Kirby-like, approach are fresh air to me. Keep up the great stuff with both endeavors!

  • My question regarding exclusivity and the designers surrounds the issue of whether the artists/designers ONLY work with a studio that’s animated their work or whether they’re free agents, not whether they animated their own work or not. Most artists and designers are also happy to be contacted directly, or through their reps if they have them. Sometimes an impression is given that the talent is only available to work with the studio that’s presenting them or most recently collaborated with them – Chuck has cleared that up by articulating that the talent is “associated” with Style5 and not represented exclusively by them.

    Regarding artists animating their own work themselves – although not the norm, it’s happening more and more thanks to software that’s available and self-taught artists. Jonathon Rosen comes to mind. his work is fantastic !! and how exciting to see an artist translate their work purely and untouched by trained hands ! it’s raw, risky, and truly unique !! Nathan Fox is another illustrator who tries adding motion to his work. . .

  • Bill – Thank you so much for your kind words.
    We all need and appreciate encouragement.

  • jim

    great reel.. really appealing animation, styles, and tight editing to the music. look forward to seeing more from style5 in the future. can i ask what song accompanies the reel?

  • Fantastic work!

    I found the ‘Style5’ site about a week ago, and was sending “iM’s”
    to friends so that they could check out the reel!… Very exciting to
    see such great design coupled with animation of such high quality.
    Truly inspiring, I’m digging the whole package! :)

  • nitepeople

    holy crap, my two fav things: animation and THE ROOTS!

  • v_for_vector

    I love the those hidden easter eggs, especially the girl dancer