<em>It’s A Book</em> <em>It’s A Book</em>

It’s A Book

I’m posting this more because I like the message, not for its artistic merits. Not that it doesn’t have that too…

Animator Chris Roth animated this spot for Lane Smith’s new book, a children’s story about a donkey and a monkey so engrossed with technology that they can’t quite grasp the concept of a “book.” Both the book and the spot deliver an important message to kids that sometimes its good to “unplug.” Roth animated, based on Smith’s illustrations, and also provided the voices for Z Animation. It’s A Book hits the stores on August 8th.

  • erlab

    This is a book.

    You turn pages in it.

    See the pages?

    They’re those little thin stuff you take in between your fingers and pull over.

    … they say it’s “in” nowadays.

    I love the bluntness of it!

  • That’s hilarious. Great work :)

  • Roberto Severino

    This is great, both animation wise and in the message of it all! In an era where blogging and social networking have become an increasingly major part of our lives (now I’m seeing Twitter and Facebook logos all over commercials these days), I think we tend to forget all about the beauty and ingenuity in the simpler things, like books and such.

  • Bill Field

    With a mouse under a straw hat shouting “jackass”, it’s GOTTA BE GOOD.

  • de

    Books are here to stay!!!

  • Neat stuff and well made. Though I think my favourite version of this idea is from Penny Arcade:

  • Bill Field

    Jerry, this clip reminds me of another piece that you pointed out a while back on Cartoon Brew…READ A BOOK!

    With just a tad more ghetto-ness, perhaps.

  • Lane is a genius. But is that the right website address at the end? Isn’t suppose to be http://lanesmithbooks.com/

  • Emily

    That’s a great concept! Cool. I love Lane Smith.

  • R.J. Laaksonen

    Good message, nice visuals. Ruined by another inappropriate and too loud music.

  • samster

    nice one :)

  • Reminds me the scene on Wall-e when the captain starts the “operation Manual”… =)