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Jeep Spot by Deli Pictures

Jeep commercial

This new commercial for Jeep, produced by Deli Pictures in Germany, incorporates children’s drawings into a CG environment. It’s an interesting experiment but the results are graphically disingenuous because the filmmakers made no attempt to reconcile the funky and whimsical world of children’s drawings with the perfect physics and mechanics of CG. The piece would have come off a lot better had they attempted to create styles of movement that were honest and appropriate to the children’s drawings, instead of simply texture-mapping kiddie artwork over a slickly produced piece of CG.

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  • Pedro Nakama

    I love the crayon textures. They’re so cool.

  • red pill junkie

    I liked it :-)

    And I seem to recognize the voice of the girl singer from the band Tiny Masters of Today. Am I correct?

  • Chuck R.

    Based on the stillframe above, I was inclined to agree with your critique, Amid.

    But after seeing the kiddie drawings in motion, I changed my mind. I think this works wonderfully!

  • Gary Doodles

    I dug it. Never seen a CG piece like that. God bless the children!

  • Hey, that wasn’t half bad. I think maybe all the realistic shadowing and lighting took a little bit of the edge off it, though. Still enjoyable.

  • Yuck. “Let’s use an innocent little kid to market a huge car!”


    And yes, they should’ve animated it more “Sesame Street style.”


    Seriously who is going to watch a commercial that moves like a 5 year old made it? Of course they are going to animate it like an adult would. Cars are for adults right? Target Audience, Amid.

    Neat commercial by the way.

  • tom

    I didn’t have a problem with the execution at all. I liked it.

    Aw! You’re too fussy, Amid! Shucks!

  • Kyle Maloney

    If you want to see a similar idea executed better (in my opinion) then look at the Yoshi’s island stage in smash bros brawl. if you don’t really follow video games, its a fighting game with a stage who’s’ theme was taken from a game that has a hand drawn child like charm to the art style.

    And they managed to bring that style into 3d beautifully. while they most likely didnt use real children to do the art, they mimic it just fine. edges of the objects aren’t straight, instead they have distinct crayon/chalk drawn outlines that dance when seen in motion.

    It’s the best execution this I’ve seen so far.

  • The best ever interpretation of children’s drawings was Chris Hinton’s film, Flux. Not only did he totally nail the drawing style, he also used all the weird compositional techniques, bizarro logic and physics that make kids’ drawings such a joy to look at.

  • Too bad they used all that talent for evil instead of good. . . between the graphic design, squash and stretch, and 3D perfection, i feel like i’m watching a novice let loose in an animation technique candy store. . . you’re right on, Amid ! i’m actually surprised that something like this would get produced nowadays by Jeep – 10 or maybe even 5 years ago possibly. . . weird. . .

  • Christopher Olson

    Car commercials are so much alike these days, I’m glad to see something different.

    This one, for example, really set my imagination afire:

  • When i was a little boy I used to make cars that I would cut out of paper and tape together that looked like those in the commercial. I bet other little boys did too and one of them grew up and had the idea to make a commercial with cars like that in it.

    I don’t think it’s too perfect and it’s about as sincere as a commercial for a mass-produced consumer item is likely to be.

    The singing child would creep me out after the tenth viewing, however.