Joy To The World Joy To The World

Joy To The World

A fun little 1930s style TV spot for Sky TV animated by Richard Bazley (Roger Rabbit, Iron Giant, etc.). Read about the making of it on his Drawing Conclusions blog.

(Thanks, Dori Littell-Herrick)

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhh, MY! Truly MY cup of tea!! Thank YOO, Jerry!

  • Ron


  • wow it’s really refreshing to see something like that now. really great work!

  • Wow, that looks really nice. Glad to see some 2D SOMEwhere.

    It’s itching my mind, but that character reminds me of a mix between Felix the Cat and Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • slowtiger

    (awful music, but) What a nice piece of work! And it even qualifies for a nice game of “spot the anachronisms”. I especially liked the compact fluorescent lamp instead of the traditional light bulb.

  • Ron

    Totlally. There’s a little Heathcliff in there too.

  • Christopher

    That TV spot is shown quite a lot here in the UK. Definately a true workof moving art :D

  • and with even a tint of Marsupalami!! “Member him?

  • doug holverson

    Also reminds me of ’70s animation that was influenced by ’30s animation (not to mention those ’60s Under Ground Comix that were also influenced by those ’30s cartoons).

    Plus some stuff on that old PBS Animation festival from ’75 that I only vaguely remember.

    BTW, “the cars, the bars, and the wars”…. For the cars part, why does the Counter Culture dislike technology so much, and too many aging Hippes and tenured Boomers really have it in for anybody with any mechanical inclination?

    Somebody else can defend the bars and the wars….

  • someguy

    The cat looks like Sonic the Hedgehog :(

  • The irony is that Hoyt Axton, the song’s writer, had originally written it for a cartoon show. More info can be found here:

  • Doug H., that was awesome! That animation doesn’t feel like it was made in th 1970’s for some reason. It felt more 80’s but what do I know, either way it was awesome!

  • Someguy: and that’s a bad thing? So long as it’s the early 90’s Sonic, and not the lanky ugly Sonic we have now.

    I was wondering when the brew would pick up on this piece. Saw it on the telly about a week or so ago and was awe-struck. More animation like this on the telly please!

  • really liked it. reminded me of that coke ad that looked like a Grand Theft Auto spot and just ends up super happy.

  • greg m

    alot of fun! Nice to see some commercial agencies still utilizing 2d animation!

  • Agree about the Sonic look. It’s the compound eye effect, as it were, with the two put together on top of the protruding nose. And the limbs on Sonic are a bit skinnier. But those are design matters; the animation itself is great, really breathing life into the creature.

  • christy karacas

    slowtiger wrote: ‘awful music, but’.

    ‘joy to the world’ is awful music?!?!? you mean for the spot or in general?

  • Dock Miles

    It’s a terrible, incoherent, hook-mad nothing of a song that could be redeemed into a lovely animated music video if this work was expanded to cover the whole tune. Joy to the world if it was done!