swimsong swimsong

Learn to Swim PSA by Richard Taylor


Stylish 1982 British public service announcement directed by Richard Taylor. There’s some ‘making of’ details posted on the excellent British animation blog Lost Continent.

  • Toonio

    This is so catchy!

    I’ll ask my brit friend if he ever saw it, although for islanders, swimming has to be second nature.

  • Charlie

    I love how older Brittish media consistently use midi tones off of what sounds like a Casio keyboard for children, its so terrible and charming.

  • James Ciambor

    Detailed color schemes and visual appeal make me wonder why this has gotten so little comments. Generally speaking while the television houses such as HB and Filmation were in their darkest period in 1982. The industry was still able to produce masterpieces within other less commercial venues.

    Many of the early videos that circulating on MTV are a testament that the creative spirit that embodied animation hadn’t exactly died out. So to blindly categorize this as a dark age when we see a eclectic piece such as this is beyond me. Especially when it was utilizing its creativity for a good enough cause. Come on folks your continuing to fuel the stereotype that most people disregard what’s old just because of its age.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Those people can go home!

  • The art style is very unique and interesting. I agree that the music is pretty catchy.

  • Wow, synthesizer and banjo… That’s an unusual combo. I really like the colours and the look of this commercial. Somehow the simple water effect in the pool scenes (eg 0:06) looks exactly like the real thing. Amazing.

  • MadRat

    This kind of looks like Illustrator and/or Flash animation. Along with Terry Gilliam I guess the British were ahead of their time making Flash animation before computer animation existed.

  • Caitlin

    Oh I remember that advert…they used to play all those kindas of animated Public Service Announcement type adverts early in the mornings before the normal tv shows started. I remember loads of them from saturday mornings before the actual cartoons came on.
    There were a LOT of animated PSAs and I seem to recall a LOT were in that same style. The ‘How to use a Box Junction’ one springs to mind

  • Matt

    Some of the old British PIFs are the scariest things ever shown on TV.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I think they do a good job getting the point across far more than what we see here.