“Made of Imagination” By Wes Anderson “Made of Imagination” By Wes Anderson

“Made of Imagination” By Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr. Fox) returns to animation – stop-motion animation – to cleverly illustrate a child’s conception of how Sony’s Xperia smartphone works. The animation, created at Laika/house, was directed by stop motion veteran Mark Gustafson, who also directed the animation in Fantastic Mr. Fox. Tiny bits of behind-the-scenes footage here. Or just watch the commercial.

(via Mashable)

  • secret goldfish

    If Mark Gustafson directed this at Laika/house, I wonder what involvement Wes ACTUALLY had in this apart from Sony being able to use his name recognition for commercial hipster cred?

    If you consider that Sony, most very likely, first had their ad agency art director/writer team come up with the original idea and style (despite how the ‘making of’, ‘promo’, ‘marketing’ video likes to spin things) and then had Mark/Laika direct this, it makes you wonder where Wes actually fits into the picture outside of simple name recognition, much like the many ‘produced by’ Speilberg movies of the 80’s

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson’s films, I just never would have guessed his involvement in this if I hadn’t read his name in this article or as a ‘name drop’ in the ‘making of’ video….there was no appearance by Bill Murray, the Futura typeface was nowhere to be seen and the ad lacked that warm, melancholic ‘sigh’ of regret for the lost opportunities of youth!!

    For the huge amount of work stop motion animators (or animators in general) have to do, they certainly seem to miss out the most on household name credit and recognition for their work when a better, more well known, marketable name can easily be substituted in place. Probably not a surprise that other animators like Brad Bird and Andrew Stanton make the jump to live action and better credit for their work outside of the animation community.

    Just the other day a friend told me they’d recently watched Tim Burton’s ‘Coraline’ with their kid and thought I’d really dig it.
    I couldn’t work out a way of correcting and telling them about Henry Selick without feeling like a ‘Know-all dick’ so I just nodded and replied that yes I’d seen it and really dug it, I’m just glad they didn’t then tell me about Tim Burton’s James and the Giant Peach and Nightmare Before Christmas.

    • Adam

      There are several uses of futura.
      I’m not sure how I feel about the disconnect between the narration and what’s seen. The kid talks about a slingshot, but that’s not what’s shown. Then he says the robots don’t know how we live, but they then show the robots living like us.

      • secret goldfish

        Yeah there are several appearances of Futura, just not the ‘bold’ and ‘extra bold’ variants we associate the most with Wes Anderson.

        I was speaking facetiously in my original post just to point out how little this seemed like a Wes Anderson production outside of his name being attached to it, much like I’m now writing (very seriously) about the weight distinctions and associations of a font (oops….typeface)

  • akira

    i’d rather watch a Penny Cartoon!

  • Untitled

    Though I did not work on this commercial directly, I am working on the other end of the digital spectrum in this ad campaign for SONY.

    Wes Anderson, as I understand it, had nothing to do with this. It was headed by the digital ad agency McCann, filmed at Laika and directed by Gustafson.

    Look for some nifty hand-drawn web banners in the same vain by yours truly.

  • I wish it captured a child imagination more authentically, like Axe Cop.

  • Tim

    Reminds me of some work Jamie Stone did for Channel 4’s “Three Minute Wonders”. Sand animation, really wonderful.