<em>Maf the Dog</em> book trailer <em>Maf the Dog</em> book trailer

Maf the Dog book trailer

Here’s an animated trailer for The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe , a new book by Andrew O’Hagan. The book is being published this month by UK’s Faber and Faber, and they commissioned this stylish promotional spot. Set in 60s era New York and featuring Marilyn Monroe, the animation design follows the 50s/60s illustration tradition. Designed and animated by the super-talented Robin Davey.

  • Chris Webb

    Loved this trailer – absolutely dug it.

    If this book gets into the Kennedys and The Rat Pack and Marilyn, it must be made as an animated movie NOW. It would be great.

    But ah, Hollywood would never make an animated version of that movie… jerks.

    They’d even botch up a live action version.

  • Lovely.

  • Randy Koger

    Nothing short of brilliant! A delight!

  • Wow, that was a nice surprise for a grey Thursday. Thanks Jerry!

  • Wow. So fluid. Love the camera moves.

  • Tom Pope

    Bow WOW WOW!